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I’d bet this person has to use public transportation and lives in a pigeonhole in some Liberal urban area.  The idea that people could have a house and whatever accessories and add-ons to increase their comfort, drives him/her batty insane. “If I am miserable, everybody should miserable even if I have to come with some bullshit socialist excuse.”

And going from “they do not deserve to live like that” to “they do not deserve to live” is not a big jump for these people.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Our enemies run on envy and anger.”
  1. These are the same people that have a yard the size of large dining room that use a manual mower wondering why anybody would want a riding lawnmower.

    My ex wife decided that to be “green” she want us to get a manual mower. It was nice. But she wasn’t the one that had to use it to cut the grass. She wasn’t the one that had to go out as soon as the grass dried in the summer to mow because if the grass got too long the manual mower became painful to use.

    I’ve noticed that so many of these people just don’t really have a clue what it is to live in any environment where somebody else isn’t taking care of everything for them.

  2. Heated driveway?
    Er. Maybe a solar-powered heated driveway, i.e., a paved surface that absorbs sunlight and warms up, with texture likely also being a factor?
    Or maybe that area is covered in clear ice, on account of having been slightly above freezing while the snow was falling?
    Possibly someone shoveled that area partway through the snowfall?
    All of the above?

    1. The owner of the building where one of my clients use to have offices installed heated sidewalks. The heating system ran from the porch, down the steps, down the walk to the city provided sidewalk. Another path was the ramp, again from the door to the side sidewalks. He installed a third from the side door across the parking lot to the connecting door on another wing of the building.

      All of this was a cost *savings* to him. He didn’t have to pay anybody to shovel and salt those walk ways. Since the areas where he was responsible for people walking was always ice free the number of “slip claims” against him as owner just went to zero.

      Another employer of me owned many commercial buildings. He had a team that would go out and evaluate how well ice and snow were cleared, the condition of every foot of walkway he was responsible for and he would make sure it was always safe and clear.

      I know that he came out himself to some of his buildings a couple of times to clear snow.

      And again, all of this saved him money. Before he started doing this he would have a slip-fall claim made against him about once a month.

  3. If you have a bad back, are yourself or have a family member in a wheelchair, have older relatives not very stable on their feet …. Yeah, no use case there, no sir. Sheesh.
    If I were building a new house, you bet I’d put in a heated driveway. Mostly passive, e.g. solar water heaters with an accumulator tank and circulator pump, to keep the usage costs down. Remember, all it has to be is above freezing, not actively hot.

  4. On another note, I am astonished and saddened by how many.people want to clip others’ wings because they themselves cannot fly (or, perhaps, will not do the work necessary to do so).

  5. Prob the whiner lives in a yurt somewhere like here and is miserable. Im actually contemplating some of these ice melting devices… I HATE ice.
    When the complete breakdown come We the People gonna have LARGE fun..years ago these “geniuses “ poured a new walkway at my parents house, they put sheets of foam under it(?????). So when it gets a teeny bit cold and rains the walkway is an F’in skate rink!

  6. “I don’t need/want it therefore you shouldn’t be allowed to have it.” seems to be the refrain from those supporting the OP.

  7. I you earned your money honestly, spend it on what you want.

    If you earned it by deceit and lies (e.g., many pols), give t back.

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