I saw this and I couldn’t believe it:

This has to be a joke, right?



It’s true.

I had to investigate.  How could this person end up at the DOE.  Every top Google search of him is LGBT activism against conversion therapy.

I found the answer.

He has a BS in nuclear engineering in 2011 and a MS in nuclear engineering from 2013.  He has 8 months internship experience at Idaho National Lab and three months internship at Argonne.

His longest job was at The Trevor Project.

He’s had a few other jobs at DC think tanks.

I looked for publications he was quoted in for nuclear energy but all I found was an article in Metro Weekly about men who do puppy play fetish kink. (NSFW. Scroll down to the 5th photo)

Understand that this position requires a DOE Q level clearance, which is equivalent to a DOD Top Secret level clearance.  It used to be (and probably still is) a disqualifying condition to be a public pervert like this to have a TS clearance.  Any information that can be used to blackmail you will get your clearance denied.

Likewise, all of his interviews are about conversion therapy.


So when our Department of Energy needed a nuclear waste expert this is who they chose.

Not a person with decades of experience in nuclear power plants or the nuclear fuel industry.

No, they found a gender-queer activist who dresses like a goth hooker and fucks men who dress like dogs, who has less than a year’s worth of internship experience at national labs doing nuclear energy research.

We are now in full balls to the wall diversity hire mode in America.

The people in government who will be making every policy and decision will have the most marginal qualifications in their field but have copious identity credits.

And we will be absolutely fucked for it.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Our energy sector is so f*cked”
  1. Ironically, he probably can’t be blackmailed because everything about him is already on display.

    ‘We will reveal your sick fetishes to the world.’ ‘…Uh, they know already. I have a public Onlyfans. Want a free trial?’

    Now, his skills and merit… that’s a different story. Sheesh.

    1. Good point. Some decades ago, as I understand it, being IN the closet gay was a disqualification for a high level clearance, but if you agreed to come out of the closet the clearance could be granted. The reasoning was exactly as you describe it.
      As for this person, I agree he is quite a lot more obviously off the rails than some other Biden choices, but his qualifications don’t seem to be any worse than those of, say, Pete Buttigieg, Xavier Becerra, Jennifer Granholm, or Marty Walsh.

  2. We the People need to just live our lives and obey only 2 things- the Constitution and the Commandments. Let the dc fruits and nuts wallow in the sewer

  3. Exactly what Toastrider said. There’s nothing to Blackmail, as he (I’m sure that thing was born with boy parts) has no shame… these idiots believe every stupid word that comes out of their mouths

  4. Having done the security clearance thing I learned a long time ago that the only thing they really cared about was “can he be pressured into betraying his country.”

    Shortly after I left school I was told that my clearance was in jeopardy because of my credit score. Turned out that my wife was using a couple of gas cards and not actually getting me the bills. Paid them off, no more issues.

    Debt is always a big thing in clearances.

    I had another issue where I just went to my boss and my parents and said “This is the situation.” At that point all potential pressure just went away.

    You need to know how to play the game. As somebody said above, being a closet gay was reason to deny/lose a clearance. Being out and proud gay was not issue.

  5. Why do I think there will be future news stories about a HUGE Sexual Harrassment Scandal at the DOE?
    People like that cannot leave their opinions and lifestyle at home. They are often the most judgmental and intolerant of anyone not (exactly) like them. Chaos and Drama are their life and reason for being. They love to form internal cliques and sow division, and his supporters will often be even more toxic, but protected. They cannot and do not want to act normal, so their whole schtick is denigrate the breeders and normies. Add in that he is a Dominant Personality, and watch the fireworks and retaliation when someone dares to disagree with him.
    Don’t be surprised if his DOE division has 10X the normal turnover and IG investigations by 2024. The smart ones are already checking the DOE internal open positions.

  6. Damn, I should have applied for that. B.S. in nuclear Engineering, Certificate in Radiation Protection Technology (Health Physics), 30 some odd years in various nuclear facilities both commercial nuclear power and DOE facilities including waste handling/processing activities, DOE Top Secret Clearances on at least two occasions. Then again, I’d have to move to DC and be part of China Joe’s administration, so no.

    1. Nuke,

      You also sound like a normal human being, so this administration would automatically round file your application. If you are not properly ploitically connected, and/or a candidate for the Gong Show? Forget it!

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