President Joe Biden, age 79:


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, age 81:


Majority Leader of the United States Senate Chuck Schumer, age 71:


Tell me with a straight face that our senior leadership is in total command of their mental faculties.

The next SOTU should be held at 4:30 in the afternoon with warm tapioca and reruns of The Andy Griffith Show.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Our gerontocracy on display”
  1. Like a drunk chipmunk. Don’t tell me you don’t think Nancy wasn’t drunk or on some kind of drug that either is illegal or the public doesn’t know exists. These people need it to function. I have to wonder what kind of super drugs they put in Biden before he made his speech. They seem somewhat effective but not totally effective.

    1. At the time and after many re plays, I’m convinced now that Biden sharted himself. What we all observed were reactions from those two twits seated behind the feeble old fart sack

  2. The line of succession on display: His Imperative Travesty Zombie Joe Brainsniff, then Jar-Jar, then some weird rodent-like creature that rubs its paws gleefully at the mention of burn pits, unable to muster even a normal trained-applause-seal response.
    (I used to think “Kamala” was pronounced “Cartagia”, based on the giggling and cruelty, but now I’m suspecting it’s properly pronounced “Jar-Jar”, based on aptitude and apparent mental age.)

  3. I remember long ago some fairly intelligent person said that if you give enough public speeches, enough public appearances, eventually you’ll misspeak. You’ll say something wrong, mispronounce a word, call someone the wrong name. It just happens. Not a big deal until the modern era with cameras everywhere and the internet of things to post it on. So I’m willing to overlook the Ukranian/Iranian oopsie. Yes, Joe has a long history of that, but still.

    Nancy, on the other hand was just plain freak show. Chuckie just missed a cue. Let’s face it, the speech and the applause are all scripted anyway so he just jumped the gun a little and he knew it, looking at his response. Again, no biggie.

    The big deal here is not the little mistakes. It’s the very deliberate big lies. We suspect Biden is borderline senile, but the big lies are setting policy amongst all the other non-senile democrats.

    1. Don, of course it’s true that all frequent speakers will at times misspeak. Less so in a carefully planned and scripted speech. Consider: in all the recordings of Churchill speeches you’ve heard, how many times is there a slip of the tongue?

      Joe’s case is different, though. It’s not “eventually”, bumbling through his words he does every couple of paragraphs, pretty much every single day that he shows his face in public.

      Your point about the lies is certainly a good one. But his lack of mental faculties is also a problem, not so much in domestic politics but definitely in foreign affairs.

  4. Now you know why Washington DC freaked out over COVID-19. That tiny little virus was an existential threat to the lives of our Bipartisan Gerontocracy and over the hill bureacracy.
    I love and respect Trump the Politician. But I hope he does not run for President as he will be almost as old in 2024 as Joe was in 2020. Even though he looked younger in 2021 than he did in 2016. I hope he bows out and becomes a kingmaker instead. Maybe by saying I endorse this guy and will be his VP?

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