From Rick The Bear:

Nice to see “assault weapons” can finally be freed from their social stigma so they can be above the hearth in every home (that wants one). 8>)

I had asked for a vertical gun stand. My lovely wife got me this nice wooden stand off Amazon. Took about 5 minutes to put up. Then her AR-15 went up on the wall.

Yes, I understand “Secure your Firearms!”

An AR-15 with pink furniture.
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By awa

4 thoughts on “Over the Mantel”
  1. It looks secure to me.. I have a “universal “ vehicle mount that dad bought a million years ago, its vertical like this..its going in my truck. I like these kind of mounts cause the mag stays in it. & that AR is badass with the femfatal furniture!

  2. Without small children or other inappropriate people in the house, the securing isn’t a big deal. It is obviously vulnerable to burglars, but so would most things in the house.

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