And we are having a TEOTWAWKI Match this weekend!

Our club this weekend:

There may be Monsters – there may be terrorists –
& Ghouls – Goblins – VAMPIRES — Zombies & aliens …..
We just don’t know…. so bring your rifle, shotgun, & Pistol, How much ammo do you have?

Min. round count: 50 rounds of birdshot – 12 rounds of slug – 120 rounds rifle – 20 pistol.

I was told a bit about the stages we will be facing and knowing me, I better take double the amount of ammo recommended.

Author just showing off M.H.I. patch on his vest.

And just in case, I am bringing the tomahawk.

Brady Campaign: Can so much dumb be possible?

I’ve been chewing on this Brady Facebook post for half an hour and I cannot digest the stupid level of it:
Er.. Kenneth, you do now what a NICS check is, rigth? And I don’t meant the TV show with the Goth Lab Tech and her tattoos (Sue me, I like Abby Sciutto.) FAIL.

But the Crown Jewel of stupidity, the Scepther of Fail has to be given to Mr. Toni Barton who wrote:  The human psyche is too fragile to allow these devices, that result in parts of the body breaking away, to be handled by the general public.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Metaphysical Lego Anatomy? I think somebody played (and slayed) too long with Barbie dolls and took it way too seriously.

Or maybe we should demand a drug test or that psychological test Ms. Halpern is demanding before allowing people to post seriously stupid remarks in Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.