CSGV now makes fake websites.

The latest from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence is a Facebook post with an innocuous posting informing about a website called “Meet the NRA Board.”

Do notice that the logo at first sight immediately reminds you of the official NRA logo and thus an official NRA Website. Once you click on the link, you are transported to  Meet The NRA Board site.

Then only if you pay attention is that you notice that the NRA logo has been altered and you smell that something is fishy. Unless you scroll to bottom of the page, you are wondering who came up with this fake job.

This website is the property of the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. It is in no way affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) or any other organization.

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence is no other than Ladd Everitt and CSGV. The site apparent goal is to announce to the world that the NRA is:

is operated by a group of individuals who promote racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-immigrant animus, religious bigotry, anti-environmentalism, and insurrectionism. Some active board members have even had close relationships with brutal dictators in outside nations. Put simply, members of the NRA leadership no longer make for polite company.

Do I hear the sounds of a mayor lawsuit in the background?

VPC Oopsie!

Well, we had 2 possible gang bangers unloading on a nightclub…which is defined in the Florida Statutes as a Gun Free Zone.

Not for nothing, but that is the kind of place VPC likes…and so do criminals. And the line between both gets blurrier every day.

So, touting this event as a call to arms (pun intended) to restrict the Second Amendment is either very stupid or incredibly callous.

Al Gore in 24-hour broadcast to convert climate skeptics

Al Gore plans on an all out, 24 hour multimedia counter attack trying to debunk the debunkers.

At Guantanamo, interrogators will use this new Gore attempt as interrogation technique.

Red Cross and Amnesty International are already decrying the brutality of the method and demand that inmates are not subjected to such painful and demeaning tactic in contravention to UN Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

What happens in the Range….

Nobody wanted to have their picture taken in this stage. I really thought my fellow shooters were more open to alternative lifestyles 🙂

In case you are wondering, the stage called for engaging targets while a body is on top of you simulating a mass shooting or similar and you ending up under somebody. For safety reasons, the gun initial position was on the rug aiming downrange.

And no, that is not me. A sore back “prevented” me from shooting this particular stage.

Are we really remembering?

Are we remembering today? Do we really? If so, how come most everybody is avoiding mentioning the bastards who did it? Are we that pussified we are afraid to say a fucking bunch of Islamic Fundamentalist murdered over 3,000 of our fellow Americans? And that they are still trying to do more? If so, by the 20th anniversary we will be blaming ourselves for the attack and whatever contraption they are trying to build at Ground Zero still won’t be finished.