It takes one idiot to make a long lasting impression.

I hate Range Nazis and that is double if they are misogynistic bastards that see a female shooter under the “Here little Lady, why don’t you shoot a .22 so you don’t get hurt” light.

With more and more women joining the ranks of self-defense training, it behooves us that we are true ambassadors of the Gun Culture and offer our support and our utmost politeness to every single female that steps in a range. Behavior like the one suffered by Warrior Knitter as told in her blog must not be tolerated ever. That “instructor” should be drummed out and sent to be a receptionist at the Brady Center.

In my humble opinion, he should have shot the bastard in the boys with a bean bag.


If it bleeds, it leads. If it does not, stab it and make it bleed.

The Miami Herald serves us this bit of news from the Palm Beach Post:

A tired Target employee on her way home from working an early morning Black Friday shift lost control of her vehicle in Pahokee, drove into a canal and nearly drowned.

And after describing the horrifying scene, “reporter” Cynthia Roldan inform us that:

Target was among retailers that announced it was moving its Black Friday opening time to midnight. Others opting to follow suit included Macy’s, Kohl’s and Best Buy. Toys R Us bumped its opening to 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving, and Walmart joined the fray with a 10 p.m. opening.

That’s it! Those F@$#^ at Target made the poor woman work so hard and so long that she almost killed herself! We ought to do something about it! OCCUPY TARGET!!!!

But wait, if you read a bit too fast, you may have missed this little tidbit of information.

The woman was treated at Lakeside Medical Center in Belle Glade and released. She declined to speak with reporters.

Whut???She never spoke with reporters? Then how come Ms. Roldan knew if she was tired or was not or whatever?

What kind of people would write and publish an article purposedly designed to mislead readers?

Oh hell, I remember now: Newspaper People.

And the wonder why we do not trust them.

Brady Fail x 2.

I swear they make my life so easy.

Wait one second there Mr. Brooks. Are you trying to say that after passing some of the most draconian anti gun laws in history, laws that make Sarah Brady drool at the thought of being applied here, you guys still have “too many bloody firearms”? Now that is rich!

And Dear Mike, nobody believes that line of BS, OK?

A City of Stamford (Ct) Representative celebrates the death of Citizen.

Found during my Facebook Patrol of the Brady page:

The date of her post is Wednesday November 23, 2011.

At first it was just going to be another chapter on the saga of “Why are Anti Gunners so Violent?” But when I clicked on Ms. Heaphy’s profile, I found this:

Click to enlarge

Wait one? City Council? Elected position? I did a Google Search of The Stamford Board of Representatives (spell checked just in case) and I did find that Eileen Heaphy is in it and with the title Deputy Majority Leader. This is her bio in Irish American Democrats.

She was a Diplomat, but I guess it did not take after all. And maybe I am getting myself in trouble for messing with a former NSA member, but that an elected official would demonstrate such glee about the accidental death of a fellow Citizen even when he was not in her district is just appalling.

Gun owners in Stamford should be aware of the sentiments of Representative Eileen Heaphy and possibly remind her that he duty is to all Citizens, gun owners or otherwise and that the accidental death of a human being in front of his four children is not a matter of celebration.


Wishful & Dangerous Thinking

Found this little photo in the interwebs:

I have no idea where was it taken or what kind of march was it, but strikes me as one of the dumbest & dangerous things I have seen in quite a while.

The concept that all what ails our world can be fixed with “feel-good” education and laws is terrifying. Real education has taught us that most (if not all) rapists are mentally unbalanced individuals that more than sex, seek power over their victims. You cannot “educate” this type of individual and about the only way to modify his behavior is with radical & invasive procedures once he is in custody. The discussion about the humanity or constitutionality of such procedures are subject for other discussion.

Demeaning the idea of “Don’t get raped” is asking potential victims that they are not responsible for their safety but that society should take care of you. The same crowd will also tell you that defending yourself is somehow morally wrong and you shouldn’t do it. At most they will tell you to scream real loud, blow a whistle call 911, vomit, pretend they have a disease or are pregnant, etc.

At the end it all comes to the same result, more rape victims and more calls for funding education on “Do Not Rape”.

Ladies, be aware, fight with all your might if necessary and have the tools that will allow you to overcome your attacker. That will teach them “Do Not Rape” better than any silly social program.

My Thanksgiving Post.

Yesterday I served as Safety Officer for a private shooting party at Trail Glades Range. We had shooters of all kinds but mostly they were Gun Owners with very litle trigger time on their private gun and zero experience on any other.

Shooters had many choices of firearms to shoot from as can be seen in the next pictures:

On rifles alone, the examples present ranged from a 1903 Springfield to the latest M4 going through M1, M1 Carbine, M14 and M-16. All in all we had 112 years worth of US Military Service rifles present. Quite a bit of impressive history in my humble opinion.

But the most fun I had was seeing shooter’s skill growing exponentially after the proper amount of  instruction was given. I took over the pistol side of things and went from station to station checking on shooters and adjusting a grip here or advising on concentrating on the front sight for a reliable hit on the steel targets.

My shooters ranged in age from a boy 8 years to a lady in her 60s. Both extremes were the more satisfying. Both were first time shooters, both started on .22 caliber weapons and both left after shooting a Springfield 1911 in .45 ACP and getting solid hits on the steels. In fact the lady was so proud, she commanded her husband to take a video of her shooting the big boomer.

My biggest joy was seeing a shooter get hits after a few seconds of corrective instruction and the huge smile in their faces when they hit the gongs regularly after that. They left the range sweaty, dirty and happy, I cannot ask for anything else.

And for that I am thankful.