Newsweek demonstrates why magazine wasn’t worth the dollar

Nina Burleigh is the national political writer for Newsweek.

She decided to chime in on the Eric Swalwell nuking of American gun owners Freudian moment with two very revealing Tweets of her own.

Clearly she thinks she is making a profound statement about the character of AR-15 owners.

Really, all she did was illustrate just how ignorant she is and how her bubble is impenetrably thick.

Estimates put the total number of AR-15’s sold in the US at 15 Million.  Ms. Burleigh is aware of maybe half-a-dozen mass shootings that involved AR-15’s.  So she admits to not knowing the vast majority of AR-15 owners, but feels completely confident in criticizing them.

She then doubled down.

This is obviously a woman who supports minority rights.  When a group she identifies as a problem is only 3% of the population, why not use the power of goverment to crush them?

No attitude is more Statist than “they are a minority, we will deny them their rights by fiat.”

Ms. Burleigh’s Tweets are part of the reason why Newsweek sold for $1, and the buyer overpaid.

A New York City bubble journalist talks publicly about something she doesn’t understand and then wants to deny people their rights because they are a minority and she doesn’t like them.

Put like that, she sounds pretty fascist to me, but somehow we are the ones on the wrong side of history.


Dear Floridians: You are your own First Responders.

Via Derek Ward and Greg Ellifrizt we get to learn how bad for your health and survival can be to depend on the official First Responders in Florida. Two articles call attention on this: One dealing how communications failure made a mess to the Pulse response in Orlando and the other is the blatant disregard Broward Sheriff Office deputies have for their jobs and training.

This would be where I usually point out that not all First Responders and Planners are this bad, etc. But this is not a political or opinion post but a safety warning and I cannot, in good conscience say this conduct and plans are not endemic throughout the state. We cannot afford the risk of thinking that this department which has a stellar reputation will function 100% impeccably when things go by the wayside and that you should trust them. Disappointment is usually one of the last thoughts before dying.



Jonestown. 40 years ago.

I had missed that today was the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre. Not till 9/11 we had so many American civilians killed by the actions and plans of a person.

Jim Jones ended his Socialist dream poisoning & killing 918 people.

And yes, he was a Socialist and his town in the middle of nowhere, Guyana was another Walden und Marx experiment that failed and had the usual results that Socialism has.

Some idiots still love to say that Jesus was a Socialist/Communist. I know he lost his shit with the merchants at the temple, but mass murder of innocent people?