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Dimmer v. Switch.

I read this and I am ashamed to say I should have posted it here when it came out.

A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody.  And believe me, you really don’t want that switch to get flipped, because Civil War 2.0 would make Bosnia look like a trip to Disneyworld.

The 2nd Amendment is Obsolete, Says Congressman Who Wants To Nuke Omaha

The only thing that has held the peace so far is our side’s politeness and the knowing of History.

The Left firmly believes that “I know there will be casualties, but it won’t happen to me” while our side is suspiciously quiet about targeting material. And the joke about celebrities tweeting from refugee camps outside Ottawa?

<begin smile>


Surprisingly not from Florida

Trigger warning:

Man allegedly hiding drugs in butt accidentally shoots himself in testicles


A bungling felon from Washington state made a series of blunders when he shot himself in the testicles and tried to hide the weapon — all while storing drugs in his anus, a report said Wednesday.

Don’t do drugs and handle guns, fellas.

Cameron Jeffrey Wilson, 27, was carrying a pistol in his front pocket while in his Cashmere, Wash., apartment on April 5 when the firearm accidentally discharged and pierced his groin and thigh, according to the Wenatchee World News.

This is why a pocket holster is important.

Wilson, who is a 13-time convicted felon, told his girlfriend to dispose of the weapon before heading to the hospital, the paper said.

But having an ass full of drugs is just fine.

When the ex-con finally went to the hospital, a balloon of marijuana slipped out of his anus while a doctor was operating on the gunshot wound, court records show.

Slipped out?

I’m pretty sure if I just shot myself in the balls and the doctor touched them, I’d shit myself too.

Cops also arrived at the hospital when alerted of the gunshot wound and searched Wilson’s car where they discovered a bag of meth in the blood-stained jeans he was wearing when he shot himself.

The officers issued an arrest warrant for Wilson and he turned himself in to police on April 18.

As he was being processed at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center, Wilson was strip-searched and another balloon of marijuana slipped from his anus, the paper said.

This can’t be real.  This has to be a comedy sketch.

While in jail, Wilson made a number of calls to his girlfriend and asked her not to cooperate with investigators working on his case. Authorities were listening in on the calls.

When you have 13 felony convictions already, illegal firearm possession, and a cornucopia of narcotics for an asshole, why not add conspiracy and witness tampering to the mix.  Might as well go for broke.

The convicted felon was charged with possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility, and four counts of tampering with a witness.

What did I just say?

Wilson was being held on $110,000 bail and is due in court on June 18.

After you shoot your balls off, is there anything the justice system can do to you that is worse?

At least we never have to worry about this felon making any little future felons with his girlfriend if he ever gets out of prison.

I’ll be honest, when I read that headline, this is what first came to mind.



Georgia’s abortion ban claims it’s first victim and I’m glad of it

From the LA Times.

Georgia abortion law: Boycott heats up as TV show and Kristen Wiig movie bail

A Lionsgate comedy and an Amazon Studios TV series have pulled out of Georgia after the passage of a law prohibiting abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The Kristen Wiig movie “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” will not shoot in Georgia, a production source confirmed Tuesday. It and the Amazon Studios series “The Power” are the first projects to leave the state in protest of HB 481, which was signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on May 7 and, barring a legal challenge, is set to go into effect Jan. 1.

Amazon is making The Power into a TV show to compete with Hulu’s The Handmaids Tale.

I have covered The Power before.

Here is what the LA Times has to say about it.

“The Power” is based on the Naomi Alderman book, where women have gained the physical ability to zap others with powerful jolts of electricity, shifting the power dynamic and turning the world into a matriarchy. Morano won a Primetime Emmy in 2017 and a Directors Guild Award in 2018 for directing “The Handmaid’s Tale,” another show with a feminist bent.

That’s bullshit.

The Power is feminist incel revenge porn where women become tyrants who force men into subservience by developing the ability to electrocute them with a touch.  In one widely praised part of the book, one woman responds to being catcalled by zapping a man so hard his brain cooks and he dies.

It’s not a matriarchy.  It’s a tyrannical dictatorship of women.

And just like Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, The Power is celebrated as great feminist liberation literature.

And we’re not talking about Iran here, we are talking about in the United States of America, where women are the most free and have the most rights of any society in the history of the world.

“We had no problem stopping the entire process instantly,” “The Power” director Reed Morano told Time, adding that there was “no way” her project would give its production money to Georgia. Location scouts had reportedly been working in Savannah, Ga., for several months in preparation for Morano’s arrival, Time reported.

“[I]t felt wrong to us to go ahead and make our show and take money/tax credit from a state that is taking this stance on the abortion issue. We just couldn’t do it,” Morano said on Instagram.

Good, I hope they are taxed to death.  In fact, Trump is 100% right.  Tax the fuck out of Amazon.

I thought Jack Ryan was great, but this shit is fucking awful.

If I sound like I am sensitive to it, I am.

We have seriously turned a corner in America where if Elliot Rodger was a woman, she would be a national hero.

I’m seriously disturbed by the idea of a TV show were women sit down with popcorn and wine to watch other women engage in mass androcide.  It’s like watching Schindler’s List and rooting for the Nazis.

There is something deeply, deeply wrong with America if this becomes popular.