Amanda Chase for next Governor of VA

Current Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has proposed a gun bill that would propose to confiscate a substantial number of the guns in the state.


Governor Northam Announces Legislative Proposals to Combat Gun Violence and Improve Safety in the Commonwealth

Delegate Kathy Tran and Senator Adam Ebbin will patron legislation to ban the sale, purchase, possession, and transport of assault firearms in the Commonwealth. The bill also modifies the definition of assault firearm to any firearm that is equipped with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

“I am honored to work with Governor Northam to advance commonsense gun safety measures. Assault weapons are intended for the battlefields of war and do not belong in our neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship,” said Delegate Kathy Tran. “It is time for us to pass an assault weapons ban and make Virginia safer for our families and communities.”

“Assault-style weapons have been the common denominator in too many mass shootings. Americans have learned no one is safe from the horrors these guns inflict, even when they are praying in a house of worship, learning in a classroom, or dancing at a concert,” said Senator Adam Ebbin. “Limiting the sale of firearms designed to inflict mass carnage is both a public health necessity and a moral imperative. I am proud to carry Governor Northam’s bill to block access to them in Virginia.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, any gun that holds more than 10 rounds, including your tube fed 22LR, is banned from possession.

There are a whole bunch of other gun laws being pushed this legislative cycle, including the “one gun a month” law, that was imposed on Virginia by New York City.

So it was an amazing to see this headline about the Virginia Legislature.

Sen. Chase wears handgun to podium to present bills in committee

Yep, she did.

The first-term senator — a fan of government transparency and opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment — said she wore the gun following an incident Monday in which Capitol Police were called after immigration-rights supporters confronted Sen. Dick Black, R-Loudoun.

Chase said she always carries her gun in concealed fashion but decided Tuesday was a good day to carry openly when she presented her bills in the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee. Her legislation included an alternative to the Equal Rights Amendment resolution that reaffirms equal protection under the law.

“Sometimes it’s a deterrent for over-exuberant folks. Unfortunately in the General Assembly we see the good, we see the bad, we see all types of things,” she said. “It’s just for personal safety, quite honestly.”

While carrying a concealed handgun in Virginia requires a permit, carrying openly does not.

Black said Monday on the Senate floor that after he presented a bill against “sanctuary cities” he was “swarmed by a group of people taking pictures and being rather confrontational.”

This is a State Senator that takes no shit from no protester.

After the level of harassment and veiled threats of violence from insane Lefties during the Kavanaugh hearings and in the border wall debate, it’s good to see a politician standing up for herself.

God I hope State Senator Chase decides to run for Governor of Virginia.  The Old Dominion state could use someone pro-gun in the governors office for a little while.


I’d be dying laughing, literally.

I was watching the video of the new Springfield Armory SAINT Victor. It had the appropriate somber music and tactical operators doing the obligatory conga line for a house clearing when they show one of the targets.

I started laughing at the bug eyes of the guy and the whole “I was an extra in ‘The Waterboy’ movie” look.  However, I do hope that is not my answer if I were faced with a similar armed funny looking guy or gal in real life or I would be laughing all the way to St Pete’s Gates.   I don’t know if that was done on purpose, but I do have to say that by the very subdued use of a non-shooter behind the bad guy is a touch of evil but necessary training: even if you do not miss, there are places on Buggy Eyes anatomy where a shoot through may end up taking out an innocent person.

So, whomever created the target, well done.  Lessons have been assimilated.

Pittsburgh and the importance of preemption

As part of the 2019 legislative agenda, the Pittsburgh city council has decided to use the Tree Of Life shooting as an excuse to ban all the popular guns.

That’t not really an over-statement.

Pittsburgh gun safety proposal would ban semiautomatic rifles

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto was joined by Gov. Tom Wolf, members of City Council and state Democratic lawmakers Friday in proposing legislation that would ban semiautomatic rifles and certain ammunition and firearms accessories within city limits.

Citing the 11 people killed in the Oct. 27 mass shooting at Squirrel Hill’s Tree of Life synagogue, Peduto said the ban is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of Pittsburgh residents. He vowed to build a coalition among municipalities and residents across the nation to fend off legal challenges from gun rights activists that are certain to come. Peduto said he’s written letters to more than 100 cities seeking support.

Legislation proposed in Pittsburgh would ban the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, carry, storage or possession of assault weapons within the city. A second bill would ban certain ammunition for semiautomatic rifles, including explosive and armor piercing bullets. It would ban accessories, including large magazines and bump stocks that allow rapid fire similar to automatic weapons.

According to CNN:

Among the weapons that would be banned are any rifles with a pistol grip, folding stock and detachable magazine. The legislation specifically bans several AR-15 style weapons by name. The weapons — semi-automatic variants of the M-4 and M-16 type weapons issued to US troops — have been used in a plethora of shootings in the past few years, including the October 27 attack on the Tree of Life synagogue.

The proposals will also limit ammunition capacity in detachable magazines and most semi-automatic firearms to 10 rounds.

Here is the thing, Pennsylvania has preemption on gun rights as part of the state constitution and a state DA wants to use it.

Pittsburgh council members could face charges over gun restrictions, DA says

Pittsburgh City Council’s proposed gun legislation might be unconstitutional and could result in criminal charges against members of council, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. said in a letter to the councilman who introduced the bills.

Good, charge those bastards.

Zappala alluded to the fact that passing such legislation could result in criminal charges against council members, referring to a Pennsylvania law that states, “No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried for transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.”

“While I certainly see the desire for such type of legislation at the state and federal levels, I believe that city council does not have the authority to pass such legislation,” Zappala said in a letter dated Jan. 9 and posted to his office’s Twitter account Tuesday.

He cited previous failed efforts undertaken by former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s administration, as well as case law regarding the issue.

“I am certain that you have sought the legal advice of your law department as to whether (state law) would permit a criminal complaint to be filed against an individual member of council who violates (state law) by voting to adopt these regulations,” Zappala wrote.

“Likewise,” he wrote, “I am sure you have discussed the due process implications of enacting any legislation reviewed by your law department and found to be unconstitutional.”

He continued in the same vein: “I am also certain that you realize that if such legislation passes, there is sure to be a resident of Allegheny County who seeks to file a private criminal complaint alleging a violation of (state law).”

Zappala said those are all issues that would come before his office, noting that his letter was “not intended to express my opinion” on the legislation.

“I mention the matters just to ensure their consideration by you and council,” he wrote.

Yeah, boy!!!

Pennsylvania is still has a Republican controlled state legislature.

Lets be honest, the Pittsburgh Democrats are just using the Tree of Life shooting to push a bill to ban guns that they hate.  It’s not about saving lives, it’s about having a recent incident that they can use to manipulate people emotionally.

These Blue strongholds in Red or Purple states love to act like their own little fiefdoms and they need to be reigned in.  There is little the law abiding gun owners of Pittsburgh could do to chance the city council’s min but preemption can stop them dead in their tracks.  That is why it is so important and why it is under attack in Florida.


Literal Hitler signs Anti Genocide Law

US President Donald Trump on Monday signed into law bipartisan legislation named for the late Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, the White House announced in a statement.

The Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act aims to improve the US response to emerging or potential genocides and passed final votes last month in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Trump signs into law genocide prevention act named for Elie Wiesel

But we were told a couple of years ago that he is Hitler!

Do you think that maybe 100 years in the future, historians are going to look back at this era and say “what the f*** what wrong with those people? What kind of mind-stupidifier drugs were they consuming?”

I am still owed the concentration/re-education camps and the gay electrocutions the Left say we were going to get if Trump was elected.

Nairobi: From Wesgate Mall to Dusit D2 Hotel. IDPA Civilian Shooter Steps Up again.

“Shooter Ready?…Stand By!”

You may remember when I posted about an IDPA shooter going in Westgate Mall when it was subject of a terrorist attack back in 2013.


Back then I could never find out his name and I even emailed the only IDPA club in Kenya without a response. But just now I found out the gentleman’s name is Inayat Kassam and he, once again stepped up to the plate and got involved in the latest attack in Nairobi’s Dusit D2 Hotel rescuing victims.

He is being called the Nairobi superhero and I reckon he earned the title.

Some heroes do not wear capes but shooting vests with IDPA logos.

Well done Mr. Kassam. You make all of IDPA proud.

Screwing around at Universal

My mom went on vacation to Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

No, she did not take the grandkids.  She’s there with friends.

She has been texting us about the number of people there who show up in robes doing Harry Potter cosplay.

Wizard cosplay at Universal Studios is, apparently, a huge thing.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I hate the politics of Harry Potter.  The books are entertaining and well written, but God damn, is it an awful universe.

It is a world in which your status is entirely the result of genetic determinism.  You are a wizard or you are not, and you are a great wizard or not, as a result of your birth.  Effort has only a marginal effect on your abilities.  Non wizards are untermensch, looked down upon by the wizard world, who refer to them constantly by way of a slur.

The only disagreement in the wizarding world as what to do with non-wizards is between the wizards who advocate for apartheid vs. those who advocate for wizard domination of non-wizards.  Peaceful, mutually beneficial trade is never considered.  Even when wizards take and modify non-wizard technology, e.g., trains, cars, plumbing, etc.

Even Hermione’s non-wizarding parents were never shown Hogwarts or Diagon Alley.  Imagine not being able to see where your daughter goes to school for most of the year because you are a [slur].

Pretty much all wizards are tantamount to Nazis.  The “good wizards” are just the Nazis who want to see the muggles put in ghettos and the “bad wizards” want to see muggles put in work camps.

It’s perhaps for this reason, that the Progressive Left has glommed onto Harry Potter so much.  They love a story where they can be both the good guys AND the superior ubermensch, secure in their place of rightful power because they went to a special, super exclusive school.

I also find Harry Potter cosplayers to be fucking insufferable.

But I digress…

I know that I will be taking the kids to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter when they are the right age.

I love Universal Studios and there is no way we can go to that and not see Harry Potter.


When in Rome, as they say.  If you go to Harry Potter you go in costume.

I have picked my costume.

The Wichfinder General.

I want to see how many people get it and are offended by it.



I might be too old fashioned for smartphone drivers license.

People with more legal instruction will probably be better at explaining why surrendering an open smart phone to a police officer is a bad idea when it comes to giving evidence that can be used against you in a court of law and all that.  And if your phone is set to automatic lock down after so many minutes of inactivity or being away from your safe area, then you may be accused of tampering with the evidence or some other stuff, I don’t know.

But for me, a person that carries concealed and understands that informing an officer is both a good strategy and potentially dangerous, I will stick to the procedure I decided upon after a bit (lot) of thinking: I just hand the initial batch of documents and advise the officer without having to say anything out loud.

Drivers license, insurance and CWP stay together in my wallet and come out together in case of need. I leave the insurance in the middle in case I just need to present the DL for some reason and the insurance blocks the view of the CWP.

Will I keep a copy of my license and insurance in my phone? Probably, but that is just in case of emergency, not first choice if I get pulled over or challenged by a LEO.