Socialism only works with other people’s money.

In my last post, I forgot to mention that in Venezuela,  gasoline is sold heavily subsidized. This bill was making the twitter rounds this afternoon and it is very illustrative of Socialism madness.

That is 36,902 liters or almost 10,000 gallons of gasoline for a grand total of 1.78 Bolivares.

The official rate at time of writing was 1 Bolivar = 0.14 Dollars which makes the price of 10,000 gallons of gasoline $ 0.249 or let’s just round it to a good old America quarter.

This is madness even for an oil producing country with all its systems working to perfection.


NRA-ILA: Florida Alert! 2019 Florida Legislative Session Wrap-Up

May 17, 2019
USF & NRA Members and Friends
Marion P. Hammer

USF Executive Director

NRA Past President

Once again the Florida Legislature has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of ministers, church administrators and church members.  Churches have repeatedly – for over 3 years – prayed and urged the legislature to correct the provision in Florida law that usurps their right to provide safety and security on their property.  While the Florida House listened and passed legislation removing the restriction, the Florida Senate refused to allow SB-1238 by Sen. Debbie Mayfield (R) to pass.

Sen. Mayfield’s bill passed out of the first committee (Senate Judiciary Committee) by a vote of 4-2.  However, Republican Senator Anitere Flores refused to support the bill in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, thus preventing it from coming to a vote. Senate leadership did nothing to help.  The Senate Criminal Justice Committee is made up of 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

The actions of Sen. Anitere Flores show that she is anti-gun and anti-church property rights.  Sen. Flores not only blocked the Church Protection bill this year, she is responsible for effectively killing it with a bad amendment in 2018, gutting it, and making it unacceptable.  She also voted to kill it in committee in 2017.

Sen. Flores’ history of opposing the private property rights of churches and other religious institutions, as well as her clear opposition to the First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights of churches and other religious institutions, is well known. One is therefore prone to wonder if Senate President Bill Galvano deliberately referred the 2019 Church bill to the Criminal Justice Committee to allow Sen. Flores to kill it a third year in a row.

Reports filed with the Florida Division of Elections and reports in the media (Florida Politics article by Drew Wilson 11/2/2018) show that Republican President Bill Galvano took at least $500,000 from former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown/Moms Demand anti-gun groups. We know Everytown’s money was for something – killing the church bill might have been part of the reason they gave the money to Sen. Galvano in the first place.

In the House, the Church bill, HB-403 by Rep. Erin Grall, passed out of all three committees of reference (House Criminal Justice Committee 12-2; House Education Committee 15-3; House Judiciary Committee 11-6), and then passed on the House Floor by a vote of 79 to 35, with 9 Democrats voting in FAVOR of the bill.

The House is to be commended for passing the bill all the way through the process even though they suspected that Senate Leadership would kill it.



While no gun control bills passed this session, no pro-gun bills passed either.  However, several bills that are good for gun owners and all Floridians did pass and are awaiting signature by Governor DeSantis.



SB-7030 Implementation of Legislative Recommendations of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission –  Requiring sheriffs to establish a school guardian program; requiring the Office of Safe Schools to annually provide training for specified personnel; requiring district school boards and school district superintendents to partner with security agencies to establish or assign safe-school officers; revising requirements for school district zero-tolerance policies; providing standards and training for classroom teachers who choose to go through training in order to be armed at school.

The House vote was 65 – 47 with five (5) Republicans voting AGAINST the bill.  They are all newly elected freshmen. They are:  Vance Aloupis (R-Miami), Mike Beltran (R-Valrico), Mike Caruso (R-Boca Raton), Chip LaMarca (R-Lighthouse Point) and David Smith (R-Winter Springs). The Senate vote was 22-17 with Sen. Anitere Flores voting against it (along with the Democrats).  SIGNED BY GOVERNORMAY 8, 2019



HB-7059 Concealed Carry License –  Keeps in place the exemption from public records requirements for certain personal identifying information of concealed weapons and firearms license holders and individual applicants for a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm.  There were no votes against this bill.   SIGNED BY GOVERNORMAY 14, 2019



HB-829 Attorney Fees by Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) Imposes an award of attorney fees and costs and damages in civil actions against local governments when organizations and individuals have to bring lawsuits against municipalities and counties for violating preemption laws. Effective Date: 7/1/2019.  The vote on House Passage was 77-31 and in the Senate,  25-14.  AWAITING GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE.



HB-5 – Contains an amendment by Rep. James Grant (R) to restore the right of Floridians to control the Florida citizen’s initiative petition process.  The amendment is intended to stop out-of-state millionaires and billionaires from sending paid, out-of-state petition gatherers into Florida to collect petition signatures to change Florida’s Constitution for the benefit of out-of-state special interests. The House voted 105-0 to pass the Grant amendment  with 15 House members not voting. The Senate concurred in the Grant amendment and passed the bill 22-17.  AWAITING GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE.


Venezuela: Socialism Triumphs Again; Gas Shortages.

Gandola is Venezuelan slang for trailer truck.

I saw the tweets earlier this morning, but lacked a good photo image to bring the news here. Now we have not only that front page image from a local paper, but citizen journalism sharing the information.

Why no gasoline in a country where the oil literally comes out from underground like the Beverly Hillbillies? Socialism.

Socialism removed the many engineers within PDVSA that knew about the oil industry and substituted them with loyal political hacks who were owed favors.  Money that was supposed to go to maintenance, was diverted to private pockets and eventually the equipment began to fail.

Refineries have not been refining up to deigned levels for a long time and so much so that Venezuela was forced to import gas to  cover the demand. But now, with a government refusing to pay bills and accounts frozen through the world, the citizens are now facing the probability they will need to walk, use public transportation or buy a burro.

Once PDVSA was only second to US companies in oil extraction, refining and distributing. Today, thanks to Socialism, we are about  week away from Mad Max 2.

Go Bernie! Go AOC!





Even in the worst economic times

Truth seen online

A buddy sent me this:


I think there is an added layer of irony that there is a huge overlap in the demographic of pro-abortion and pro-gun control.

This was part of the point I tried to make yesterday.

I am pro-choice because I am pro-gun.   The Supreme Court declared a right to the people as interpreted from the Constitution, and I am not going to undermine that.

I’m not going to yank out the abortion block from my Jenga tower of rights because it could bring my gun block crashing down.

America under President de Basio

This is a video, originally posted to Facebook, taken in a train in New York City just the other day.

And what has the city decided to do about it?

According to the New York Times, the city is engaged in an effort to ban the sale of fur within New York’s five boroughs.

The bill under consideration would ban the sale of fur, except for used fur or new clothing made from used fur. Violators would face fines between $500 and $1,500 and having any money made selling banned fur confiscated by authorities.

They are going to ban fur in America’s fashion capital.

New York City is the largest fur retail market in the United States, according to FurNYC, a trade group representing 130 fur retailers in the city. The 150 fur businesses in the city create 1,100 jobs and produce $400 million in revenue per year, according to the group.

So NYC is pretty much going to eliminate more than one hundred businesses, many which are generationally family owned, 1,100 jobs, and the taxes off of $400 million in business revenue, but they can’t keep the garbage out of the train cars.

This is the President de Blasio administration.  Your city streets filled with garbage and shit, and your business banned because it hurts the environmentalists’ feelings.

I just can wait.

And Progressivism destroys diagnostic medicine

I am not a medical doctor.  I have, however, attended classes with and have taught pre-med students.  I also know some medical doctors quite well.

The process of diagnostic medicine is very similar to the process of performing a root cause failure analysis.

You evaluate the evidence presented and using fundamental knowledge of science/engineering/medicine, identify why whatever went wrong went wrong.  Then you apply your knowledge to fix it.

If you showed me a part that broke, there are some things I have to know.  What was the part and how was it used in service.  Then I can look at the fracture surface and identify overload or fatigue.  I can identify if that was ductile or brittle failure, or rotating bending fatigue.  I can look for the origin of the fracture to see if it was a material defect or machining defect.  Was the heat treat done correctly?

If you don’t tell me everything I need to know or give me incorrect information, I can’t do a proper root cause failure analysis and provide a correct solution.

Diagnostic medicine is the same.

For the moment, Progressivism hasn’t hit failure analysis.

I can’t say the same for medicine.

Blurred lines: A pregnant man’s tragedy tests gender notions

Right away, I am seeing a problem here.  With all due respect to the LGBT community, a man cannot get pregnant.

When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth.

The tragic case, described in Wednesday’s New England Journal of Medicine, points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports , entertainment and government . In medicine, there’s a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors write.

The way the article is written, they want to put the onus on the medical community to be more sensitive.

Again, with all due respect to the LGBT community, fuck that noise.

The onus should be on the patient to say “by the way, I’m trans with no bottom surgery, and I have unprotected sex with men.”

To put the onus on the medical community is only going to increase costs and result in more misses.

We know as a medical fact that strokes and heart attacks present differently in women than men.  In the critical minutes or seconds of diagnosis, we can’t have doctors wasting time chasing red herrings because they have incorrect information.

When I go to the hospital with severe abdominal pain, I tell the doctor I have inflammatory bowel disease.  It aids in his diagnosis.  Maybe I have appendicitis, maybe I have a colonic ulcer.

What I don’t need is the doctor to look at me, guess that I may be one of the fractions of a percent of people who is trans, and give me a urine test for pregnancy and start to check for an ectopic pregnancy while my bowel starts leaking into my peritoneal cavity.

Furthermore, doing additional testing to all patients in the unlikely event a patient is trans, is just going to add unnecessary cost to healthcare.

“The point is not what’s happened to this particular individual but this is an example of what happens to transgender people interacting with the health care system,” said the lead author, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

“He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Stroumsa said. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

No, he was wrongly classified as a man if the classification threw them off from considering her actual needs.

I don’t care how you look, but medical paperwork should be factually accurate.  If you are trans, your paperwork should say that and give information as to just how trans you are, i.g., hormones, top surgery, bottom surgery, etc.  Doctors need to know this and depriving them of that information risks the patient’s life.

“But… but… but… patient rights.”

Let me be blunt.  I don’t go around letting random stick their fingers in my asshole.  That doesn’t turn me on.  When you have IBS, and the doctor says he needs to do a rectal, you let him do it.  You can’t keep secrets from your doctor and get good treatment at the same time.

The 32-year-old patient told the nurse he was transgender when he arrived at the emergency room and his electronic medical record listed him as male.

So why was male on his records if he said he was trans?  Why was this not immediately communicated?

He hadn’t had a period in several years and had been taking testosterone, a hormone that has masculinizing effects and can decrease ovulation and menstruation. But he quit taking the hormone and blood pressure medication after he lost insurance.

And without the testosterone, he de-transitioned and got pregnant.

Again, important information.

A home pregnancy test was positive and he said he had “peed himself” — a possible sign of ruptured membranes and labor. A nurse ordered a pregnancy test but considered him stable and his problems non-urgent.

Several hours later, a doctor evaluated him and the hospital test confirmed pregnancy. An ultrasound showed unclear signs of fetal heart activity, and an exam revealed that part of the umbilical cord had slipped into the birth canal. Doctors prepared to do an emergency cesarean delivery, but in the operating room no fetal heartbeat was heard. Moments later, the man delivered a stillborn baby.

So we have incorrect information and bad communication leading to a negative outcome.

A woman showing up with similar symptoms “would almost surely have been triaged and evaluated more urgently for pregnancy-related problems,” the authors wrote.

“It’s a very upsetting incident, it’s a tragic outcome,” said Dr. Tamara Wexler, a hormone specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center.

The article is probably right if she looked like a woman her case would have been addressed correctly.

The problem here is that medicine and Progressiveness have created a cognitive dissonance that they now want to undo.

Trans Activists: “A trans-man is a man.  That is a man’s vagina.  You need to treat him just like any other man, to do otherwise is transphobic.”

Also Trans Activists: “A trans-man is a woman and you need to be acutely aware of his female medical needs.  To do otherwise is not sensitive and transphobic.”

Well, shit.  Now I am all confused.

“Medical training should include exposure to transgender patients” so health workers are better able to meet their needs, Wexler said. “A lot of doctors who are practicing didn’t have that in their training” but can still learn from such patients now.

I’m all for training, but there is only so much time in the day and just how many patients are like this in the country?

Nic Rider, a transgender health specialist and psychologist at the University of Minnesota, said training isn’t enough.

“There are implicit biases that need to be addressed,” Rider said.

Of course there is… there is always some way to blame society as a whole and say that no amount of progress is ever good enough when you are a Progressive.

Health records may use male/female templates for gender but “it doesn’t mean that we just throw out critical thinking or think about how humans are diverse,” Rider said.

That is unscientific, ideological bullshit.

Male and female mean something.  If a woman has to get up in the middle of the night to pee a lot, you don’t normally give her a prostate exam.  He may look like a woman, but it is important that his doctor knows he still has a prostate.

Words have meaning.

The case is horrifying but “not terribly surprising,” said Gillian Branstetter, a spokeswoman for an advocacy group, the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington.

Actually, the idea of a pregnant man is terribly surprising.

Transgender people often run into problems getting gender-specific health care such as cervical cancer screening, birth control and prostate cancer screenings.

What did I just say?

More needs to be done to improve medical awareness and recognition of diversity because “the consequences can be so dire, as this case shows,” Branstetter said.

No.  This is bullshit.

Doctors don’t need more diversity training.  Doctors don’t need to order pap smears for every man just in case they might be trans.

The patents paperwork needs to be crystal clear that she is female, still has her female anatomy and the records of care on that.

I would go so far as to suggest that not just the paperwork be accurate but that trans people start wearing medical bracelets declaring that they are trans, and possibly the degree to which they are trans.

There are drug interactions with hormones.  Men and women respond differently to different drugs, especially anesthesia.

The doctors need an immediate clue that what they are looking at is a woman who looks like a man, is anatomically intact, and is on supplemental testosterone.  Then they can make a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe a better treatment.

This is why I have such an issue with the gender rules on drivers licenses.

If you want to accommodate trans people on government ID, don’t just have a category for ‘sex’ which changes, have ‘sex’ and ‘gender presentation’ and make sex biologically accurate.

Then in a medical emergency, the information is available.

This is going to become more important in the future and I can only imagine the medical malpractice cases that come out of it.

“My brother died of a treatable condition. I’m suing you.”

“Your brother died because everything said your brother was a male, but he was a female having the typical signs for a heart attack in a woman but we missed them because everything said he was a male.  We misdiagnosed because we were misinformed.’

“You’re a transphobic bigot.”

And now some doctor not just goes broke but has his career ruined for not being woke.

The onus needs to be on trans patients to be 100% honest and communicate fully and for medical paperwork to be 100% anatomically and physiologically correct.

If it’s not, more bad things will happen.

Progressivism needs to leave medicine alone or more suffering and death will occur.