I am having troubles swallowing horse puckey.

I listen to the podcast of this famous gun personality I’ll call Mr. Radio Show more or less every week. Lately he has been a bit miffed about the NRA and the old “NRA endorsing Harry Reid” and some other stuff that I think it makes him a bit contradictory. So far I heard him pontificate about how the Second Amendment is not a Liberal v Conservative or Republican V. Democrat thing but then go on a rant that no vote should go to the Democrats on this election or that he understands that the NRA is a single issue organization but then complain a bit about the NRA not keeping an eye on other stuff.

The last show was specially dumbfounding. The first part of the show was all dedicated to Gun Safety, the Four Rules and how they must be respected at all times. Then there was the issue about the CNBC report on the Remington 700 accidentally discharging with the safety engaged while clambering a round. On one hand, Mr. Radio Show said he doesn’t know much about it yet he invited Remington to appear in the show which they declined (and by the dismissive tone of voice he was a tad upset about it) and then, to my amazement, he confesses that he’s been shooting the 700 for some 40 years. I don’t hunt, I am not in the “Biz” as he is and I have heard about this issue, yet somehow this CNBC report that has been beating the interwebs for over a week somewhat escapade him alongside the alleged defect itself.

The cherry on top was a caller who confirmed the problem. It had happened to him THREE TIMES but Mr. Radio Show did not even bat a radio eye. OK folks, I can buy having the AD the first time because you are not expecting it, but if it happens a second time, I am boxing that sucker and sending it straight to Remington with a rather impolite note. But our caller had a third one and Mr. Radio Show, who had spent some time on GUN SAFETY earlier, did not even had a comment about the sheer idiocy of screwing with a defective rifle three times. And he is not shy about dressing down somebody in the air as he has done that before and very politely. Why he missed the opportunity of such a teaching moment baffles me.

Mr. Radio Show  should go back to basics and leave the politics and the ego aside a bit. Maybe things will go back to normal after next Tuesday.

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Facepalm News: Safe Execution Drug?

Get this. A federal judge in Phoenix, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and four Supreme Court Judges raised questions about the safety of sodium thiopental for the execution of one Jeffrey Landrigan . Not that it will cause him undue pain or it will take long time to toast his bagel. No, they wondered if it is safe?

I beg your frigging pardon? You guys are afraid it might kill the convict?


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Elections 2010: In case you are wondering.

How come I have not written some deeply inquisitive and/or reflective post.

  1. By now I am sure most everybody is sick to death of all the commercials, PSAs, commentaries, etc. I know I am. I am to the point that I rather be subjected to a Tele Tubbies Marathon that watch one more ad where one side tells me the other candidate used to work for Satan and sacrifices kittens and puppies every midnight.
  2. Who is not aware of that we are having an election? If you are just finding out, please return to your bunker or cave or crack pipe. You are an idiot undeserving of the right to vote.
  3. I am doing early voting this coming Friday and my list of candidates and choices is already made. I took careful consideration and made up my mind, but I am not trying to make up yours. You are a grown ass person, do the job yourself. We have this thing called the Internet where you can find all kinds of info.
  4. I don’t wanna engage in a discussion with idiots that have been handed the absolute truth by his/her organization/God/goat entrails and their version of oracle will happen to disagree with my choices.
  5. Yes, the Second Amendment will weigh heavily on the way I vote and no, your “No Compromise” candidate will deliver squat when the chips are down. Clowns do not direct the circus.
  6. I am feeling ornery.

That is all. And please, stop stuffing my mailbox with mailers saying that proposition Zero Alpha will bring certain death to the rights of Purple-Left Handed-Iberic-American Flying Snails of some remote neighborhood in the Arctic.

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October 31st: M.H.I. Miami will burn some Monsters.

No idea how the heck we were able to get the Markham Park range for that date but we are planning on getting some IDPA Classifying going on early in the morning for the heathens among us followed by a good Shotgun/Pistol and Rifle/Pistol Monster Hunting Shooting. Available for your eradicating pleasure, the menu consists of Zombies, Ghouls, Werewolves, Chupacabras (A local favorite,) Gnomes and Sparkling Vampires.

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

The match is “sponsored” in part by M.H.I. Miami which is basically the fans of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. The Human model for the targets is a club member who recently became another fan of Larry’s He finished MHI just yesterday and was tripping happy) and I was using his mug without permission for the Zombie and Ghoul (also Werewolf) targets, but now he will be attending the match and I don’t have to worry about being shot for not paying copyright.

The IDPA Classifier will start at 8:30 am and the Monster Hunting Match will start immediately after, whereabouts of noonish to 1:00 pm.

Photobucket Photobucket

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Review Conclusion: Slipstream© Weapon Lubricant.

It is the last days of October and it is time to finally express a few words on the overall performance of Slipstream© Weapon Lubricant. Nothing lasts forever an so, after 4 months, some 1,200 rounds of reloads (including home cast bullets), really dirty/muddy/dusty shooting environments not cleaning the gun since the day I lubricated it and carrying it every day under the heat and humidity of South Florida, I am “sad” to report that the first malfunction finally appeared last Saturday: The FNP-9 refused to go into slide-lock during an IDPA match.

As malfunctions go, this one is not the end of the world and obviously it cannot be attributed to Slipstream but to the four month’s buildup of burnt propellant gunk, dust & dirt and zero cleaning till now. I gave the gun a generous spray of Shooter’s Choice Polymer Safe cleaner and the slide lock quickly reappeared.

Going back to the IDPA match, there was not another type of malfunction at all (With the gun. The shooter was nothing but a huge mental malfunction turning a really crappy shooting session.) I never felt the gun strained or heard that annoying squeaky sound like a cheap hotel bed you get when modern handguns do not have the proper amount of lubrication.  So, to keep it short, Slipstream works as advertised for me.

Now if you excuse me, I have a date with a cleaning kit and a long overdue TLC for my FNP-9. And yes, another dose of Slipstream will be issued.

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