They will prioritize identity politics bullshit over subjects of value.

If you speak up they will tell you that you have no right to decide what your child should learn.  They are the credentialed experts and they will decide.

If your show up and protest, they will call you domestic terrorists and sic government thugs on you.

Parents having a say in the education of their children is reasonable. School boards should not make parents become unreasonable.  Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Paging Marvin Heemeyer to the School Board meeting”
  1. Get your neighbors together and hold your own group home school classes, each family taking a turn or joining together to support a common area, and petition for your taxes to be re-directed there. It’s your government, your money, and your say-so. Don’t let thugs educate your children!

  2. This is the left. They’d be fine with the state going to these student council meetings, arresting every single person that speaks out and using the courts to forcibly take custody of every child of every one of those parents. I’d go so far that they support the execution of these parents.

    I’ve said it before: the left literally views your children as livestock. That they literally view human life as having no value at all except as a resource to be used and exploited by the state.

  3. In my area (bordering NoVA) there are Youngkin signs everywhere. But I have no doubt this will be another “free and fair” election stolen by the left.

  4. “…U.S. law, which says students should learn to think for themselves…”
    That’s a nice bit of fiction. Never mind the fact that the US has no Constitutional authority over education at all, in any way whatsoever, since it is nowhere to be found in either Article 1 Section 8 nor in any Amendment.
    But apart from that minor detail, the law he conjures up in those words does not exist, and given the goals of the left, could not possibly exist.

  5. I do not have a problem with diversity and inclusion.

    I do have a problem when that becomes the reason schools exist, when it becomes more important than teaching the skills and knowledge required to become a fully realized adult.

    And, that is the biggest problem with leftists. They are lazy a-holes, and teaching children about skin color is a lot easier than teaching long division. Therefore, they promote the simple thing, and children suffer.

  6. Nobody has been able to convince me that diversity of sex, color, religion or any other “diversity” axis has made the workplace better.

    Within different groups there are people that have made the work place better. The fact that a person might be gay or brown or purple or have tattoos has no baring on what they bring to the work place for good.

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen way to many “diversity hires” that brought no good to the work place and did in fact make things worse, or uncomfortable.

    My favorite example is the women that went into the trades because they were just as good as a man but then demanded that all sexist art be removed. We have gun bunnies, but some of those sales calendars make gun bunnies look down right dull and over dressed.

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