Parkland “Survivor” David Hogg.

We know David Hogg was in school the day Niki Cruz did his massacre, but exactly where? His video inside a classroom where he tell the time and that he heard a shot is well after Cruz had stopped shooting and was no longer in the premises. In interviews, he mentions a custodian hero who herded everybody back inside, but that did not happen in Building 12, but possibly in Building 6 or 7 according to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission Report.

Building 12 is called the Freshmen Building and Hogg was a senior and was taking some Advanced environmental class when the shooting happened. It has never been defined where was hoe in school, but there is a great probability he was not in Building 12, same as Emma Gonzalez who was in the auditorium (building 8) when it the shooting happened.

Just my thoughts on this labeling as survivor just because you were in the same zip code. .

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  1. Hogg and Gonzalez being called survivors is the equivalent of a person that lives in Broward County saying they went through the worst of Hurricane Andrew.

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