From the New York Post:

Cop-hating mob at Brooklyn housing project injures three NYPD officers

Roving, cop-hating mobs erupted in violence, taunts and gunfire in Brooklyn overnight into Sunday, leaving three officers with minor injuries.

At least some of the injuries were caused by “air mail,” objects thrown down at cops from rooftops, police at the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant told The Post.

It is officially a war on cops in parts of Brooklyn.  How can the police be expected to respond if objects are thrown from rooftops at them.  That is potentially lethal.

“Straight up cowards!” one man in the crowd there shouted at cops at just after midnight. “You don’t know how to do anything you f–king coward!”One of the cops injured Saturday night had to be hoisted onto a gurney by medics, who rushed him from the sidewalk outside Marcy Houses at around 11:10 p.m.

At least six or seven gunshots rang out from a rooftop of the housing project shortly afterward, causing no injuries but sending scores of cops running toward the gunfire.

This is insane.  Police are being baited into entering dangerous situations.

Following quickly on the heels of the videos where cops had water thrown on them, it is clear that the lack of police response just emboldened the perpetrators.

If you are not arrested for throwing a bucket of water, next time you will throw a brick.

De Blasio slammed by police union over anti-cop ‘chaos’ in Brooklyn

The NYPD’s largest union called out Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday over a massive melee in Brooklyn that left three officers with minor injuries — and involved gunfire that a law-enforcement source called a ” ‘F–k you’ to the cops.”

One of the injured cops was head-butted by a teen who was allegedly caught with a canister of pepper spray, the NYPD said.

Bottles and other debris were also hurled at cops from above, but no one was hit by the projectiles that are believed to have been tossed out of windows or rooftops in the sprawling Marcy projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the NYPD said.

“How are cops supposed to do our job in this environment? When will @NYPDNews or @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio stand up & say enough is enough?” the Police Benevolent Association fumed on Twitter.

“Chaos is running the streets. This is outrageous — we’re lucky it wasn’t worse.”

The police are not wrong.

Mayor de Blasio has been a major voice in the anti-Police progressive movement.  During one of the primary debates, he said how he had to teach his son to deal with police because his son is black.  This is the Mayor of New York City, calling the police force he is in charge of, racist.

Forget the Furguson effect, these areas are going to become like the Sharia no-go zones in European cities.  Police, fire, and EMS services will not enter.  They will become self-governing enclaves but with gangs in charge.

This is a ridiculous situation to allow to happen but anti-Police, “all cops are racist” attitudes have become part of the dogma of the Progressive Left.  They have declared war on the cops and there is no reason for the police to risk their lives to help people who hate them.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Parts of New York getting closer to no go zones”
  1. Years ago I read a book about gangs in NYC in the late 50s. It told of gang members throwing trash cans off 5 and 6 story buildings at cops along with bricks bottles Ect. I say cops oughta have a mass case of “blue flu. Let the screamin mobs have at it.

  2. Should we implement John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York” movie premise for real?

    Seriously though, suspending all police activity in the area for a week would be interesting. Would the angry fools in the region regret it?

    The police should end their protection for DeBlasio. They can blame other more pressing matters and concerns. He can hire his own damn protection. Give him a taste of it.

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