The Soviets knew that they couldn’t throw everyone who disagreed with them into a prison for treason.

A hero soldier who won medals or a popular apparatchik couldn’t easily be dismissed as a traitor.

So the Soviets had a method of dealing with these people who disagreed with the new edicts of the party.

They were crazy.  They were diagnosed with Sluggish Schizophrenia and institutionalized.

They were sent to mental hospitals instead of gulags, although those weren’t that different.

The overall message was that disagreement with the party was either treason or insanity.

The guy in the picture above bought a big truck.

I don’t know why, and I have no desire to speculate.

There are people in the comments who are saying “maybe he pulls a trailer or hauls lumber.”

Those are irrelevant. Cars are like guns in that I believe you should be able to buy what you want.

I have a Ram 2500 because I wanted it. I like it. It was my money and I spent it in something I enjoyed.

That’s enough justification in a free country.

For that reason, Emily here believes that I need therapy.

I disagree with her position and therefore I am mentally unbalanced.

Give her enough authority and she might even decide that I need to be institutionalized until I see the errors of my way.

These people are no different than the Soviets, they just don’t have enough power to do all.the things the Soviets did.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Pathologized disagreement”
  1. Does she know where that cat litter came from??? How irresponsible of her to take a product, mined with equipment and trucks much bigger than that Ram, and use it simply for cat piss… maybe she should go for a psych eval… the cat can piss outside just as well and no need to operate a diatomite mine!

  2. These people are children. They have decided they are right, and everyone else is wrong. And, you are correct, if they get into power, they will try to destroy those that disagree with them.
    Now, I notice her bike is one of those e-bikes. How much GHG were emitted manufacturing that battery? How much GHG is emitted recharging it? Does little Emily even understand that she also is abusing the system? I think she needs therapy until she understands using an e-bike is just as bad as driving a car. Pedal it you hypocrite.

  3. My mom has been buying organic groceries and food since 1963.. these holier then thou azzhats think they discovered “farmers markets” its this ignorant attitude that makes me want to run them over with my Tundra that I paid for with my money….

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