Politicians politicize, that’s what they do.

So without any understanding of the facts, Elizabeth Warren had to spout off some anti-gun bullshit.

A foreign service member from an officially friendly nation purchased a gun legally, in accordance with US gun laws.  He obtained the proper permits and passed the required background checks.  When the Left starts to bitch about those background checks, it needs to be noted that he also had to pass the required background checks and security clearances to go to Naval flight schools at Pensacola.

So I’m not exactly sure what new gun laws could have been passed that would have prevented this, but that’s never really the point.

A Twitter user responded to Warren’s crap statement by calling her out.


This lead to the most absolutely insane and hateful, unhinged back-and-forth with an anti-gun activist.

What the fuck?

Seriously… what the fuck?

I guess to the anti-gun activists, a desire to defend oneself from rape is selfish?

A woman who believes in gun rights – and most likely concealed carry, too – is not the kind of person that is going to cause a mass shooting or terrorist attack.  So her desire to preserve her gun rights is not going to add to crime in any way.

I don’t know what additional inconveniences that crazy asshole wants put into the system, but I’ pretty sure they were already there in this case.

There is no logic here, just moral preening out of blinding ignorance.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Pensacola shooting shows just how batsh*t crazy gun control supporters are”
  1. I wonder if ScottSFNY2 would have said that to a rape victim in person.

    A few years back, I would have doubted it. Today, I’m not too sure. Social media has done a number on social graces.

  2. Would it be cruel to relay ScottSFNY2 contact information to some gay snuff movie makers?
    I mean, he literally wished for it and if it could just save one kid…


  3. The obvious conclusion I’ve come to is that all Saudi military students should be sent home immediately. If and only if there is convincing evidence that Saudi has put mechanisms in place to prevent a repeat of this should they be let back in.
    Two decades of Saudi terrorism is way too much. “Allied nation”, my ass.

  4. The left loves playing with statistics, piling together deaths by firearms from gang wars in Chicago and Baltimore, suicides (+- 50% for teens) with everything else.

    If you shift into the innocent children category and compare car vs gun deaths for under 15, where most kids do not drive and (hopefully) are not active in gangs, the data looks like this:

    1) The NHTSA advises that in 2010 (cannot find later data)

    1,210 children age 14 and younger were killed in car crashes (do not believe kids on bikes hit by cars or crossing the road were included)

    On average 39 kids under 15 die per year in hot cars.

    So, more than 1240 deaths if under 15 years Olds per year by car.

    2) In 2016 531 kids under 15 killed by gun, this number includes all gun-related deaths.




    P. S. I have chosen under 15 year Olds because after 15 more male teens die than female ones, which hints at behavior related causes of death. Also, cannot find clean age stats, it is like they hide them or something…. O_O

    P. P. S. I am just too disgusted to comment on the pos rape statement

  5. People who make statements like “I would rather be _______ than _______” have likely never had the first fill-in-the-blank happen to them.

    Generally, they play a different tune when they are placed in that situation.

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