This was reported by independent journalist Andy Ngo:

That’s is clearly a threat of violence over a political disagreement.

Following this unprovoked threat to Ngo, the brewery received backlash on Twitter.  The owner responded with this non-apology (unrolled):

Hey, it’s Joe. As a brewery owner, I love what I do. I love the people that come in and the people that support us. I want you and your families to have the best lives possible and I mean that sincerely. We go out of our way to make Hanging Hills a warm and welcoming environment. It is a core belief of mine and I think there are bad actors who go out of their way to undermine the greater good.

Out of frustration with one of these bad actors and his platform, I dmed him a joke pertaining to an incident that happened last year in Portland, a city I lived in and loved and has recently been ravaged by unwarranted violence and extremism. It was a bad idea that has led to some pretty uncomfortable phone calls and social media interactions. I remind my 5 yr old every day to do the right thing every day because I feel that in a moment, when faced with a decision, righteousness is always the correct action. I believe that we are obligated to do the right thing. I personally don’t agree w/what Andy Ngo does. It’s not about political beliefs, it’s about righteousness.

In a flash moment of frustration, I dmed him what I meant to be a joke. Based on the phone calls, emails, social media interactions, texts, etc, it was not taken as a joke by a lot of angry people. To those angry people, I wish you the best life possible. Whatever that life is.

I want you to wake up happy, well fed, loved, with healthcare, with a roof over your head and a well lived life. I don’t limit my love for people to just one political viewpoint. I mean that sincerely. Hanging Hills wasn’t set up that way and I don’t intend for it to change.

Although you’re angry, please don’t take it out on my employees or my colleagues. They’re good people who work hard and have struggles like everyone else. But they’re good people. I will field all communications. I said it so it’s my responsibility. Take care.

See, to Joe here, it was a joke, not a threat.  It’s also not about politics but righteousness.  By that he means that he’s righteous because he’s a hardcore Leftist and anybody who disagrees with him is a bad actor.  That’s why Antifa who caused a guy just taking pictures of them to have head trauma are not the bad actors.

Joe’s brewery is also a warm and welcoming environment, as long as you also agree that Antifa are the good guys and the people to call them out on their violence are the bad actors.

He doesn’t limit his love for people to just one political viewpoint.  He accepts Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Leninists, acolytes of Che, Jacobins, Democratic Socialists, Eco-Socialists, Socialists-Feminists, and just about anybody else that sees anybody to the Right of Elizabeth Warren as a Nazi Fascists.  I’m pretty sure if you tried to order a beer at his brewery while wearing a MAGA hat, your reception would not be warm and welcoming.

The thing is, as Miguel has pointed out, violence on their side is a dimmer and our side is a binary switch.  We have yet to activate, and most of the time law enforcement in these Lefty areas turns a blind eye to them, so they feel they can threaten to hurt people and actually carry out violence with impunity.

I just think it would be a real shame if this brewery caught fire and burned to the ground.  All those cloth sacks of dried grain are really flammable.

But I know that won’t happen on purpose because our switch hasn’t been flipped yet.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “People in breweries shouldn’t throw milkshakes”
  1. “… a joke pertaining to an incident that happened last year in Portland, a city I lived in and loved and has recently been ravaged by unwarranted violence and extremism.”

    So one can infer that in Joe’s opinion the “unwanted violence and extremism” that left Andy Ngo with a brain hemorrhage (actual not just “reported”) was caused by Andy photographing antifa’s actions, not by antifa themselves?That’s right up there with “some people did something” on 9/11.

  2. Grain dust is incredibly explosive. Just sayin’.

    And think about why he targeted Ngo — because Ngo reports what Antifa does, and doesn’t conceal their violence. Joe knows Antifa’s real goal is power, and their claims to be for “justice” are really about getting the chance to get vengeance for imagined crimes.

  3. Check the Twitter thread, the brewery issued a FULL apology and retraction. They must be getting hammered (hahah so punny).

    But this does illustrate the left wants us dead. Never forget.

  4. The proggie left’s usual ‘walk back’ is to say that their insults, lies and incitements to violence are just jokes or parodies and they can’t understand how anyone could have taken them seriously.

    I remember a quote from one of them
    “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” ― Maya Angelou

    Well, I believe these people are violence prone scum.

  5. A joke. Huh.

    How come that sort of joke is funny when the leftists make it … but if a conservative says anything even remotely similar, well, it’s time for tar and feathers!

    Oh, but they’re the good guys. Right.

    Ah, well. To quote a character from “Chronicles of Riddick,” I hate being the good guys.

    1. Would the Dems be so hep to introduce things like repeals of voter id laws if they knew that the Right would be stuffing the ballot boxes?

  6. Everytime someone justifies his actions with “the greater good” I check my ammunition storage.

    Because fighting for “the greater good” with a “righteous cause” led to a couple million people getting murdered in my country by people who were just doing the “right thing”.

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