Florida gets a bad rap for being the country’s stupidest state.  For the most part, that goes back to the 2000 election and the butterfly ballot issue. The then every once in a while, my people (I’m a born and raised Floridian) decide to reinforce the stereotype.

Growing up in Miami, I am familiar with the Art Basel and the pop art district of Miami Beach.  It’s weird.  Seriously.  I don’t get art.  Some art I like.  Like the stuff that adorned our bombers in WWII.  But I have been told that doesn’t count as art.

Artists are weird.  Performance art is weirder (you have been warned).

So when Florida stupid meets performance art weird, you get a synergy that difficult to comprehend.  A woman was stabbed in a fight at Art Basel and the eye witnesses thought it was a performance art piece.

I am reminded of this scene from the Boondocks:

Ahhh… Florida.  Keep on keeping on.



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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Perfect Storm”
  1. Oh, I definitely “get” this type of art. The “art” in a lot of these things is the audience. How else could you get someone to watch such a mundane video? It’s a work of art to control what are otherwise probably very intelligent people and get them to do stupid things. Go to these things and listen to the ridiculous conversations about the artwork. It’s a beautiful tapestry of bullshit these audiences will tell themselves and others to convince themselves that they weren’t just bamboozled out of their money.

    This is similar to Internet trolls who are artists in the way that they paint with the anger and rage of other people.

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