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That is a large grown man the dog has taken down.  Imagine how much worse it would be if that was a child.

Look how the dog has latched on and is thrashing around.  That is why pitbull attacks often result in the loss of limbs.  That shreds tissue beyond the ability of a surgeon to fix it.

This is why I say if I see a lose pitbull around my kids, I’m going to shoot it.

Now for some additional hot takes addressing the rest of the video.

Now let’s evaluate how fucking useless his fellow officers are.

The male officer uses pepper spray, which obviously did nothing to the dog.  But worse, probably blinded the officer being bitten.

That guy has a dog chewing the muscle off his arm and now has a face full of Mace.  Good job, dumb-ass.

But giving credit where it’s due, at least he was trying to help.

The female officer was back, in her mask, yelling “hit him.”  What utter useless incompetence.

Good to know when a fellow officer was under attack she turns into a fat cheerleader.

This whole situation was just a cluster fuck of dipshittery.

What useless fucks.


I found the story in the news and it’s a doozy.

Library security guard is viciously attacked by pit bull after approaching passed-out owner to administer Narcan as overdoses and crimes surge out of control in San Francisco

A library security guard was attacked by a dog while trying to administer Narcan to its unresponsive owner in San Francisco Sunday – as crime and fatal overdoses in the city continue to surge.

Security guards at the city’s Main Library noticed the man slumped over a computer kiosk around 5.40 pm with his dog repeatedly barking beside him. Kate Patterson, a spokesperson for the library, said the dog ‘was not on a leash and was exhibiting aggressive behavior.’

As the dog viciously shakes his arm, the guard yells in pain and tries to punch the animal with his free hand. Another guard shoots pepper spray at the dog’s face and beats it with his night stick. A third security guard appears to rush over to help.

‘Hit him, hit him,’ one guard can be heard screaming.

The dog’s owner was unresponsive during the attack, until another witness woke him.

Currently, the security guard is hospitalized with serious injuries, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The dog was taken by Animal Control, and its owner was issued a citation from the sheriff’s department. The nine-year-old neutered pitbull named Dorje was a service animal, according to KTVU, and therefore allowed inside.

This is the most San Francisco of stories.

Guy OD-ing in a public place? Check.

Useless law enforcement? Check.

Abuse of the service animal system (making anything into a service animal)? Check.

I looked.  Even the ADA guidelines on service dogs don’t recommend pitbulls.  The dog wasn’t wearing a vest, so in all likelihood wasn’t a properly trained and registered service dog.  This seems shady as fuck.

The rest of my hot takes still stand.

Fuck San Francisco and every living thing there.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Pitbull attack caught on video – Update”
  1. Don’t depend on the doggie vest to mean anything – you can freely buy those, as well as all kinds of official-looking patches, since there’s no licensing authority or (as far as I know) any legal prohibitions against just slapping them on any dog.

    When it’s *acting uncontrolled*, it’s clearly not a trained service animal. Barking/growling and acting aggressive? Nope. Running around all over the place instead of staying with it’s human? Nope. Pissing and shitting all over the place? *Hell* no.

    A friend of mine trains her own service dogs – German Shepherds – and when the vest is on, they’re on the job, and don’t screw around. Vest comes off, it’s DOGGOTIME… but they’re still trained, and don’t cause problems other than the usual dog things, like barking at everything in the yard/outside the yard/going down the street…

    She can drop the leash and walk off, and her dogs will stay there until called (or she starts seizing, which is the primary medical issue at hand). When called, they will *pick up the leash* and bring it to her, or, if you’ve worked with them even minimally so they know you, they’ll bring the leash over to you at her command.

    All this re

    1. Argh, it closed my comment early.

      All this requires a ton of work, months of clicker/treat/command work… which she did for other people, until medical issues ended that. (Her dogs were even requested by non-service trainers for off-leash socialization classes – never an issue.)

      Versus buying a vest and “Yay I gotta service animal, pay no attention to the half-feral beast that doesn’t even recognize it’s own name being called, I know it just took a dump in the store aisle before yoinking a package of meat out of the cooler and eating it, SERVICE ANIMAL YOU HAVE TO LET ME HAVE IT HERE!”

      Trust me, she’s even more pissed off about it than I am…

    2. Indeed.
      All the jerks who can’t bear to be without Muffins McBadDog do with those fraudulent service animal vests, is make life worse for those in legitimate need.

  2. When I found myself in the middle of five of this particular breed, a few weeks back, all five had their attention on a poodle. I had a thick coat on, which covered my left hand, to protect it. With my right hand I used a CQC pick that measures 4″ from handle to point. Driving the pick into each dog caused them to alter their attack, to pay attention to their own injuries. Severe pain to the head and or neck will stop a Pitbull.

    If this officer had such a weapon, he could have inflicted severe damage to the animal, enough to end the attack. When the animal attacks and latches on, pull it to you and drive home the knife or pick or hammer, whatever you have available. Certainly, don’t just thrash around and allow the dog to control the injuries inflicted. If you know you HAVE to fight a charging dog, fight dirty, nasty and viciously. Picks or daggers are my choice in such cases. When I go to the hospital to get stitched-up, I know the dog I brawled with is dead or going to be dead soon from the injuries I inflicted in retaliation.

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