Man Fatally Shoots Neighbor’s Dog in Fairfax County: Police

A man shot and killed his neighbor’s dog during an argument at a condominium complex in Centreville, Virginia, Friday morning, police say.

The two neighbors were at an outside stairwell with their respective dogs at the complex in the 13300 block of Connor Drive, Fairfax County police said. At one point, the suspect took out a gun and shot the other man’s dog, police said.

Then, the injured dog’s owner picked up his 2-year-old lab-beagle mix and laid it on the grass at an outside common area near a playground. According to police, the suspect followed the man and shot the dog several more times.

“There is a history here with the neighbors. The gentleman that did the shooting has a Pitbull that’s possibly in the apartment as well,” police said during a dispatch call.

A violent garbage human who owns a violent garbage dog also snaps and kills an innocent beagle puppy.

You know how I feel about pitbulls.  Well, thid pitbull owner deserves just as much of a yeeting, and for the same reason.

Always carry.


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By J. Kb

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