Quick summary: Call to 911 of a domestic dispute ending with a male shot by the wife. Cops arrive at scene, find the male outside the house, secure him for transport to local hospital and try to deal with the female who announces she has a gun.

Female comes out of the house acting like she has a gun hidden under a sweater.  Makes enough menacing movements that cops open fire ….and miss.


There was at least one rifle involved in the mix. No idea if it was used, but if it was and also missed… holy crap.

I am seeing more and more videos where cops go slide lock and miss the target altogether.

If Spray and Pray done by gang members is bad, how come it is not an issue for police?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Playing stupid games did not led to the stupid prize”
  1. Training budgets ain’t what they used to be, and never were what they shoulda been.
    Hiring standards, depending on location, may be having similar issues.

  2. Every bullet that leaves the barrel has a lawyer attached…… Next time, use those pesky things atop the slide……

  3. Why no comment on this? Simple: because it would conflict with the narrative that “only trained professionals should have guns”.
    A better rule would be “incompetent people should not have guns” — which of course would disarm a lot of cops and other taxpayer-funded drones.

  4. Inside the house with open door “I have a gun”, police stroll to vehicles with their back to the alleged gun wielder.

  5. This reminds me of an old Ron White bit on the Kehoe shootout:
    “You ever see tape of the Kehoe brothers from Ohio, those two guys that get out of that white Suburban, it’s been on Cops a few times? Those guys, folks, have a shootout with the police, at point…blank…range—nobody gets hurt. I would love to have been at that office the next day when that guy’s being interviewed by the police. “And then what happened?” “Well, at that point, I unloaded my semi-automatic 9 millimeter weapon at point blank range.” “And then what happened?” “They…left.” Nice shooting, Elmer Fudd. There was a kid in Detroit a few years ago, shot 8 bullets, hit 9 people. These cops fired 22 shots, didn’t even hit the fuckin’ Suburban!”

  6. Well, this guy didn’t have a gun, but managed to get the job done…

    Home Intruder with Long Rap Sheet “Cut to Pieces” by Florida Man After Shooting Innocent Woman in the Face

    A low-life career criminal paid the ultimate price after breaking into a Florida man’s home and shooting his wife.
    Blackman revealed the thug was “cut to pieces” and “very much deceased” when deputies found him. The sheriff thanked the male victim for his heroic actions.


  7. Another question I have is why did the officer with the Taser fire both cartridges when the woman was obviously too far away? He missed her with both shots. You can see the leads draped over the police car in one of the views. It looks like she was finally hit with a taser and brought down only after it was determined she was not holding a weapon.
    Again, poor training and poor judgement reacting to a bad situation.

  8. If Spray and Pray done by gang members is bad, how come it is not an issue for police?
    As has been mentioned, because the police are the “Only Ones” “trained and responsible enough” to carry and use guns correctly.
    Obviously, it must be true: All those shots fired, nobody got hurt, and they still brought her in! If you or I were there, who knows what might have happened! [/sarcasm]
    In all seriousness, more and more police weapons have red-dots installed, but they still can’t shoot for s#!t; if you’re jerking the trigger with a low, weak grip, that fancy red-dot’s not going to help. (And that’s assuming the red-dot is installed correctly — i.e. not backwards — and has been sighted in properly to actually show point-of-impact.)
    It’s like nobody is teaching them the fundamentals, or something.

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