The is a pogrom happening in New York City and the police are sheltering in Grand Central Station.


The NYPD during the Maskim Gelman Joe Lozito stabbing.

The Palestinian Pogrom of 2023.

The police will run and hide from the danger.

You are on your own.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on ““Police officers sheltering inside””
  1. Unless it’s YOU plugging the bastids and then they’ll try to lock you up and throw away the key…

  2. Don’t forget Orlando and the Pulse Nightclub slaughter. The police retreated and left all those wounded customers to bleed out on the floor for a couple hours.
    Another victory for “He was on our FBI Radar.”

  3. Let’s be honest — if they did what the rioters deserved, the mayor, governor, and feds would have them drawn and quartered the next morning.

  4. Wait…
    is this a protest about supporting hamas? Or about destroying western civilization?
    Asking for a friend.

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