2. The public must assume a role in their own defense.
I’ve written about what I call the “third generation” of active shooter response, and this tragedy underscores my points. Regardless of where you are in the world, whether it be a synagogue in Pennsylvania, a church in Texas, or a mosque in New Zealand, the police will almost always be absent when the attacker strikes. Faith-based organizations, schools, workplaces and public venues must take an active role in their own security, and leave behind the fiction that the police will be able to protect them from evil during the initial minutes of an attack. The public must embrace target hardening, security protocols, emergency response training, security teams, medical training, emergency communications and armed defense preparations to ensure they can discourage attacks, deny access and defeat attackers prior to police response. In the live-streamed attack on the Masjid Al Noor Mosque, the attacker was on site for six minutes killing innocents and was able to escape and take his attack mobile, several minutes before police responded. Time is a precious commodity in attacks like these, and the killing is often done before the police have arrived. It’s no longer acceptable for the public to outsource their security to the police – they must take an active role in their own defense and defense preparations.

Rapid Response: 7 key takeaways from the New Zealand mosque attacks

We are laughed at all the time about “Good Guy” with a Gun and “When seconds count,  police is minutes away” but I think it is finally starting to set in the idea you are the only one responsible for your own safety.

Although Parkland hit us bad, specially in Florida, the total screw up of Broward’s Sheriffs Office, learning about No Duty to Protect and the report of the shooting pointing out the amazing failures by those who were supposed to have the welfare of children as priority made a lot of people realize how naked they really are out there. It is not like we have tons of people rushing to buy AR15s and take classes in First Aid, but I do detect a bit more of interest than usual. Nothing concrete, just a gut thing.

The landscape has changed and some are desperately clinging to the past in both expectations and laws. They are still in enough numbers to hurt us legislatively but we cannot let them win so be ready for the killers and those who would wants us to remain easy to victimize.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

2 thoughts on “PoliceOne – “The public must assume a role in their own defense.””
  1. I watched the body cam video earlier;

    What is most disturbing is that within 60 seconds of the start of the attack, 95% of everyone he was going to shoot inside the first mosque had been shot. No police force has that kind of response time anywhere on Earth, short of inside a police station.

    For the following four to five minutes he took his time; walked around; executed a couple of people; went outside took some pot shots at passersby; walked to his car, got his second rifle; walked back inside and again, taking his time, executed everyone; walked back outside, shot a woman in the street, walked up to her body and shot her twice in the head. After six minutes, what is often the shortest amount of time a municipal police force can muster a response, he was off and driving away in his car, driving over the body of the woman he’d just shot in the street.

    I’m not going to blame the victims per se, but there was at least a good twenty to thirty seconds from shooting the man at the door, to the time he made it into the large worship area of the mosque. If someone had been allowed to be armed, if multiple people had been allowed to be armed: maybe things could have been different. He opened no doors, tried no door knobs, everywhere he went was the path of least resistance (other than stepping over the bodies in his way, in and out the front door)

    I blame politicians, I blame the anti-gun

  2. If that video doesn’t convince everyone to take things in hand – no matter what the ‘law’ may prohibit – and provide for their own self defense, what you, I , or anyone else may say will have no better effect.
    If it’s against the law, keep the plans and equipment a secret among the defenders and low profile even if it is allowed.

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