Hillary Clinton is accused of lying a lot… to the State Department… to the FBI… to the American people… pretty much all the time.  But I recently came across a tweet by Hillary that was very honest, and quite horrible.

HRC Tweet

Hillary is very proud of the fact that she has an “F” rating by the NRA.

I it is both telling and horrifying that a politician would brag about that.  In the last decade, there have been three major court victories (two SCOTUS, one 7th Circuit Court of Appeals) regarding gun rights: Heller v. DC, McDonald v. Chicago, and Moore v. Madigan.  These tree cases put together say that gun rights are an individual right, that applies to both the Federal Government and the individual state governments, you can own anything in common usage, and you have the right to a gun in public.

The NRA is the largest gun rights organization in the country.  To getting an “F” rating by the NRA you pretty much take a stand against of gun rights.  This is clear from Hillary’s desire to repeal the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

So here we have the leading Democrat primary candidate bragging about how she is not a supporter of gun rights.  This is tantamount to a presidential candidate bragging about taking a stand against the freedom of speech or against the right not to testify against yourself.

This is a presidential candidate proudly stating her intention to not uphold the rights enumerated in the Constitution and decided upon by the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, among the regressive left, stating your desire to squash other people’s rights has become a badge of honor.  With everything we’ve seen on college campuses recently, I’m afraid the next step in left wing politics is trying to capture the youth vote by openly condemning the freedom of speech as hurtful or “racist and insensitive.”

We haven’t reached that point yet, but a campaign against one right is a campaign against all rights.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Political Honesty”
  1. Her job as President would be to support the laws and Constitution uniformly.

    How can anyone be fit for this office if they do not abide by the job description?

    1. How can anyone be fit for this office if they do not abide by the job description?

      Worse than that, how can anyone be fit for the office if they state up front that they expressly intend to not abide by the job description.

      For those of us in the real world (i.e. not lifetime, career politicians), could you imagine showing up to a job interview and telling your potential boss, “I know that punctuality and a good work ethic are vital for this position, but I don’t agree with them, so I intend to do as little actual ‘work’ [complete with air-quotes] as possible after sleeping in every day, and I expect to be paid not only for ‘working’ for you, but also all these other conflicting side projects I have going that I’ll probably be doing on your time.”

      Do you think you would get hired?

      And they say conservatives are “out of touch”….

      1. You could also add, while “embezzling and performing other criminal activities and looking at lesbian porn while on the clock” as part of her declaration.

  2. No surprise, she’s already condemned the NRA as terrorists. Honestly, as a life member, such a statement coming from Hillary fills me with pride. It’s an honor to be part of an organization dedicated to preserving freedom.
    In a just world, she’d already be in prison for her various transgressions, so to say she’s unfit for public office is a great understatement. I suspect she won’t be indicted however, and in fact will probably take the White House. So then what happens? I predict further American balkanization and instability.

    1. Honestly, as a life member, such a statement coming from Hillary fills me with pride.

      To be despised by the despicable is just as good as being admired by the admirable. — Kurt Hoffmann

      And it doesn’t get much more despicable than Hillary Clinton.

  3. The NRA has attacked Hillary in tweets 97 times?

    Would anyone care to guess — or better yet, go find out — how many times Hillary has attacked the NRA in tweets? (Not to mention OpEds, debates, speeches, testimonies, Facebook posts, etc.)

    Methinks it’s a LOT more than a measly 97.

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