Via The Atlantic: Leave Joe Biden Alone

You need to realize that the author isn’t a Hard Core Democrat. He started as a Republican and worked for moderates and centralist, just like Joe is a Centralist.

The Joe Biden who ran in 2020 appeared wiser, sadder, somewhat deflated, and seemed to be taking on the presidency as a public service and a burden. Time and tragedy had tempered Biden, and I liked him even more than I did in his flashier, Jason Sudeikis–like youth. These days, I think he’s done a pretty good job, especially given the fact that he’s dealing with a pandemic, revelations about an attempted American coup d’état, and an economic slowdown over which he had no control.

See, nothing that Joe has had to deal with is his fault. It was all thrust upon him as he took on the Presidency to serve the public. Joe can’t control gas prices souring up over $5.50/gal (but Trump is responsible for gas being over $2.00/gal). Joe has no control over a pandemic for which there are multiple vaccines, medications and treatments (but trump was responsible for every WuFlu death, even now). Joe’s just there to serve the public, like a kindly grandfather.

You should also know that Joe has single handled managed to keep us out of WWIII. Trump only managed to keep us out of all new conflicts. And the gas prices we are complaining about are all because of the Putin Price Hike.

And those evil republicans plan on impeaching poor old Joe. But it isn’t for cause, it is because Republicans don’t have “a plan to govern the country.”

Don’t give them the link. My BP has spiked enough for the lot of you.

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3 thoughts on “Poor Joe, Just Leave Him Alone”
  1. Yup. Typical democrat/centrist/azzhole. Blame everyone and everything else. ALL the things ol Joey did from his first day in office put this country where it is right now. The thing democrats wont swallow is the fact that they have pissed America off.(I hope)

  2. F. Joe doomed his own administration in the first two weeks.

    F. Joe Biden is the one that stopped the Border Wall.
    F. Joe Biden is the one that killed Keystone XL
    F. Joe Biden is the one that stopped exploration in ANWR
    F. Joe Biden is the one that stopped permitting and leasing on public lands
    F. Joe Biden is the one that set 9/11 as the Afghanistan withdrawal date
    F. Joe Biden is the one that went all in on Transgender Recruitment in Schools
    F. Joe Biden is the one that decided to buy loyalty and inflate the economy

    Two weeks to ruin a nation

  3. Reminder that the first axiom of politics is always in full effect.
    “It is not the action taken by the person that causes the offense. It is the political affiliation of the person taking the action that causes the offense.”
    Here is your writer for the Atlantic (which is just to the left of Europe) saying Joe is not to blame because he is not a Republican.

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