Miguel already covered this dad, but I’m going to give my two cents.

Portland is the home to permissive Leftism.

The entire city is one big open air drug den, tent city, and RV parking lot of addicts and criminals.


Because, in the mind of the modern Leftist, it’s evil and tyrannical to tell people not to do drugs and shop lift and live utterly self destructive lives.

God forbid you mandate someone go to rehab, that’s a crime against their liberty.

This documentary on the death of Portland covers this, one man saying that the people of Portland “confused compassion with tolerance.”


That theme exists in this documentary about Seattle (which I’ve posted before).


Not just has the Left confused compassion for tolerance, they have confused Liberty with Libertine.

Anything drug or sex related goes.

This is how this dad parents.

Full permissive Libertine parenting.

That’s how he has to worry that his 12-year-old will get pregnant or overdose.

But it’s going to be as effective at raising a healthy daughter as it is as creating a functional city.   Not at all.

And he’s doing it for the same reason, and here is where I agree with Miguel, because it’s more virtuous on the Left to be seem being this sort of Liberal and having failed results than it is to tough love and have success.

He’s a good dad to the Left because he’ll let his daughter have sex and do drugs.

The Conservative dads who tell their children not to do drugs and to control their urges are the bad ones.

With this attitude, his daughter will grow up to be a failure, but at least he’ll get credit for being supportive.

Also, I can guarantee he absolutely wouldn’t own a gun to protect his family.  That’s evil.  Stocking Plan B for 12-year-olds is not.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Portland permissive parenting”
  1. On the one hand I get the acknowledging reality argument, on the other you do have to ask when does acknowledgement cross into abcouragement for a kid? IMO its a balancing act that is not one size fits all and should be kept in the family rather than relying in the .gov to do anything.
    Many of these sort of things also make me say, man do you not remember being a kid or a horny teenager? Do you not remember having things go in one ear and out the other because you don’t have the perspective and life experience yet to understand what you are being told? Problem as old as time. Having or not access to condoms was for example might not have stopped me from getting laid if I had the chance; the mad man the rest of my body was attached to could certainly override higher order thinking.
    Idk to me all of it is a step too far for a 12 year old.

  2. And, when his permissive parenting fails, he never will consider maybe his permissiveness played a part in the corrupting of his daughter.

    1. Heres an idea for the REAL America- lets ship our drug addicts and criminals and homeless to portland, seattle, sanfrancisco, la… let THEM coddle the slime… be way cheaper than prison..

  3. Of course he wouldn’t own a firearm. He has all the hallmarks of the modern leftist. Outsourcing all of his responsibilities to others and the state.
    He’s not interested in safeguarding his 12 year old child or teaching her. Better to just toss her some Narcan and Plan B.
    He’s not interested in safeguarding his family or himself. Better to just outsource that to the state..
    And when it all goes awry, he’ll blame everyone but himself and shout from his soon-to-be-deverified twitter account that the government needs to do something.

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