This video of a Detroit police officer punching a person is horrific:


I’ve written about one punch kills quite a bit on this blog.

The way they happen is consistent.

A victim is punched, usually sucker-punched without warning.

The punch causes them to lose consciousness.

They topple over like a tree, striking their head on the hard ground (e.g., concrete or asphalt).

The impact of their head on the ground causes a traumatic brain injury and sometimes a skull fracture.

The victim dies, possibly days later, from thE TBI, either due to swelling or bleeding of the brain.

This guy lost consciousness, fell, hit his head, and clearly was out of it for a few seconds.

That is a TBI, at a minimum he was concussed.

He may have a brain bleed.

He might have sat up on video, but that’s not an indication he won’t die in a couple of days due to brain swelling.

That wasn’t a good punch.

There didn’t seem to be any defensive need for this punch and as a compliance tool, it is potentially lethal.

This looks like straight police abuse.

Sucker-punches and cold-cocking people is no laughing matter.

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By J. Kb

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