Pray for the Notorious RGB

According to Fox News, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was injured in a fall.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday after fracturing three ribs on her left side in a fall at her office a day earlier, the court said in a news release.

Ginsburg, 85, initially went home after the accident, which occurred in her Supreme Court office. But she later reported experiencing some discomfort, and was admitted to George Washington University Hospital “for observation and treatment.”

I ask readers to sincerely pray for her heath and safe recovery, and that she takes his opportunity to retire and get a lot of bed rest at home.


5 Replies to “Pray for the Notorious RGB”

  1. Good bless her. Hope she recovers without too much trouble. Injuries like these are harder to heal the older you are.

    As for her potential retirement, progtards are freaking out (again) right about now.

  2. This is not good for her health. Remember when Rand Paul was attacked and he broke some ribs? He later contracted pneumonia which almost killed his much younger self.

    Pray for her to enjoy a long and happy retirement.

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