See, the complaints over gas prices affecting average American vacations is bullshit because more people are still traveling.

I guarantee you’re going to hear that same shit from the White House.

But what they won’t talk about is how that travel changed.

Did people go as far?

Did they spend less money when the got to where they were going?

Did they stay as long?

We’re going to “hit the road” for the 4th of July weekend.

We’re going to my mom’s house so the kids can play with grandma.  We don’t plan on going to any amusement parks, restaurants, get souvenirs, or do much else but hang out either my mom.

I have a buddy, his plans are roughly the same.

He’s going to “hit the road” to his parents’ then his brother will “hit the road” to his house.

It’s not vacation in the traditional sense, it’s visiting family and staying at a relatives house for a few days.

More Americans will “hit the road” but will do a lot less on the road than they used to.

But they won’t tell you that part.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Prepare to see this BS from the federal government soon”
  1. They should compare with 2019. Comparing with 2021 means comparing with a time when lockdowns were still in effect in many places. So if “back to normal” travel is basically the same as then (count-wise, as you said mile-wise is a different question) then obviously something other than WuFlu is holding back normal activity.

  2. TDW wanted to go on a cruise this fall, for our anniversary. Then TDW-Mark II contemplated Jhiao Bribem, and the likelihood of $10/gal gas, as well as the potential of rationing (read: shortages) of gasoline.

    Now, getting marooned in DeSantis’ Florida is not the WORST thing, but, the job/house/pets/preps/etcetera is in The Un-named Flyover State, multiple states away.

    Therefore TDW-Mark II reconsidered, and we will do something within a hundred miles of home.


  3. I’m travelling about as much as I did last year, and about 2/3 as much as I did in 2019. The difference, for me, is that I’m not spending money on other things. What’s happening is that my discretionary spending is getting cut. I’m still driving to Florida to see my in-laws, but I’m not buying books or eating out so much. I’m not eating so much meat. I need to get a couple of rooms in my house painted, but it can wait a year. I haven’t called the plumber to fix a problem I’m having with a line outside the house. That kind of thing.

  4. Leaving on vacation tomorrow, driving about 12 hours each way. Obviously we booked prior to inflation and gas prices going past ludicrous to plaid. We kind of decided to suck it up and spend the extra hundreds of dollars and make the best of it because we haven’t vacationed much since covid started. But just like everyone, we’ve cut back in many areas, especially eating out and eliminating unnecessary driving. I’ve been commuting more on the bike instead of the truck, etc.

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