The technical term for this is reconnoitering.

The common parlance is casing the joint.

There is also an intimidation factor.

The lack of law enforcement against these Hanas supporters threatened Jews is emboldened them.

The police will do nothing.

Arm yourself and prepare to defend yourselves.

Violence is coming, I guarantee it.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Preparing for an American 10/7”
  1. “They were shouting threats and flying the flag of a terrorist organization known for attacks on civilians. I feared for my life when they moved towards me.”
    In an unrelated observation, I listen to a podcast where a guy reads out Reddit posts about Karens and busybodies while I get ready in the morning. Just meaningless noise, really. But this morning one of the stories featured a woman screaming, waving a cane, charging at a group of people sitting around a backyard fire talking. Five of the six people around the fire had their pistols out and aimed at her before she came into the light of the fire. I checked comments on the podcast when it was over, and while there was the obligatory “they would have been arrested in a civilized country”, the podcast narrator and other comments were fine with it.

    1. “they would have been arrested in a civilized country”
      No, they would have been beaten with a stick in that “civilized” place, and if they so much as used unkind language or raised a hand, then they would have been arrested. Instead, they had their pistols out and — let me guess — she backed off without further incident, and nobody got beaten with a stick OR shot.
      Y’know, because we’re so “uncivilized”. *smh*

      1. Exactly. I consider it more civilized for people to have the ability to defend themselves from violence without legal trouble.

        1. Exactly. In a society where everyone acts in a civilized manner, everyone can go armed in the expectation that they will never need to use it. That would be a great world, wouldn’t it?

  2. There is absolutely no redeeming value to the so-called religion of islam. It is nothing but a system of oppression, dominance, and control. It literally destroys everything it touches.
    It teaches that peace will only happen when islam dominates the world, when everyone it either muslim or enslaved to a muslim. They tried to dominate Europe through military invasion, but were pushed back by the Crusades and other wars. So, a change in tactics was needed.
    Instead of dominating through might, they are now integrating, migrating, and breeding. The UK did not need to be invaded, they welcomed the migrants and asylum seekers in, and gave them care and comfort. When the time comes for them to take up arms, and destroy the last vestiges of a free UK society, it will be met with zero resistance.
    IF a 10/7 type of attack happens in the US anytime in the near future, it will be a test, not a real attack. It will be feeling out our response, testing resistance. Do not get me wrong, the attack will be large, perhaps nationwide, and coordinated, but it will not be too large. Just large enough to get a good feel of what needs to be done for a decisive victory. However, that does not mean there will not be massive damage and injuries/deaths.
    The real question will be how we, as a nation, respond.

    1. Well said CBMTTek, and I would add that I believe it will be a States’ Issue, as in how each state legally defends one side or the other. I would expect the 10/7 attacks in Michigan to be vastly different than Florida or Texas. State and county law enforcement will be the agent of legal determination, and ultimately the arbiter of The Victors of War. And when this conflict ends the nation will be divided accordingly. A real civil war will be planned for and consummated.

    1. Have you read Forstchen’s “Day of Wrath”? Different take on the same idea, but written when there were fewer Muslims in the US.

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