“You just have to accept that we’re going to take you ARs because they are useless against us.  See, we have F-15s and nukes.  Do you have F-15s and nukes?  No you don’t, so we’re just going to run roughshod over you and it’s in your best interest to bed over and take it.”

Everyone that mattered was worried that Trump would have a meltdown and nuke Russia or China.

So Trump was replaced with a guy that would nuke Tennesse or Wyoming, or any other Red State that refused to turn over their guns.

Have they made it perfectly clear to you normies yet, that they consider YOU to be more of their enemy than the Chinese Communist Party?

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “President Nice Tweets goes full Swalwell and implies that he’s willing to nuke Middle America”
  1. Personal conspiracy theory: pedo in chief said that yesterday because ammo was just starting to come back.

    Who needs confiscation when no one has boolits?

  2. A thought here: this is chest thumping of a “come at me bro” variety.

    While I have no doubt they’d be willing to follow through, I can think of only 2 real reasons for the posturing.
    A) They’re scared and are acting intimidating to quell any threat to their power because they know that people still have to fly the jets and push the buttons.
    B) They’ve finally bought their own bs about their military superiority, which makes it less a threat and more a promise.

    Either way, a sitting “president” posturing at his own representatives is a horrible, horrible look that can only undermine trust in the authority he claims.

  3. The planes themselves are never the limiting factor. Having pilots, mechanics, fuel and spare parts are chokepoints. The government never seems to understand these vulnerabilities…do they really want to pick a fight with citizens that understand them?

    1. The IJN agreed with you. Was it after Midway, with their terrible loss of pilots, that the IJN was in a fighting retreat thereafter?

  4. I’ve beem saying it for a little while now, and thinking it for a lot longer.
    Yes, the hardcore Marxist left DOES want a civil war in America.
    And yes, they are fully aware of how devastating that would be.

    Their delusion comes afterward, in two parts:
    1. That a perfect communist utopia can be built from the ashes, after the dust settles and the “troublemakers” are dead, and
    2. That they will be the rulers of that utopia.

    All their various causes and pushes, that just so happen to have cultural/economic chaos and destruction as side effects, are aimed at this as the real end goal.

    Soviet Russia destroyed their own economy but failed. Capitalism kept them fed when they were starving.
    Nazi Germany destroyed half of Europe, yet failed. Capitalism, albeit at great cost of lives, crushed their military expansion.
    Cuba went from the Jewel of the Caribbean to the sewer of the sea, and failed.
    Venezuela went from the Jewel of South America to that continent’s largest and most dangerous ghetto.
    China, on top of Marxist controls and societal tyranny, destroyed half their ancestral history and censored/rewrote the rest, but failed. Despite all efforts, capitalism is still the only thing keeping China around.

    Their answer is not that the dialectic is wrong, but that the destruction must not have gone far enough. Everything must be torn down, ground into dust, and then blast furnaced.

    It’s Marxist dialectic dialed up past the point of breaking the knob.

    1. Bill Ayers, leader of the Weather Underground, said they would need to get rid of 25 million Americans (out of 212M). You remember Bill? The University Professor neighbor of Barack Obama that held Obama’s first political fundraiser in Bill’s House?

      Now these people teach our children and run our bureaucracies.

      I am starting to thing John Birch was on to something?

  5. Interesting thought just occured to me on an avenue not really ever explored.

    How many people work in the civilian defense industry and know the ins and outs of production and procurement of said parts services and competed defense equipment?


    How trivially easy would it be for a small number of those people to sabotage the industry?


    We often discuss the glhf fighting an American version of Afghanistan, Vietnam, or Ireland but we never discuss just how easy it would be for those very same people to cripple the industry, something that wouldnt even necessarily require violence.

    1. For that matter, there are any number of bits of essential infrastructure that would be easy to tear down. And much of that could be applied selectively — say, against DC.

  6. I’m old enough to remember how Reagan was going to become a tyrant, and who GHW Bush was going to get the world into WWIII, and how GW Bush was going to rule as a dictator, and who Trump was going to be the worst tyrant ever, destroying lives simply because of skin color, or religion.

    Curious how none of that happened, but here we have a liberal, tolerant, benevolent administration that is literally using skin color as a test to hand out benefits, building detention centers for immigrants, and vilifying/demonizing an entire segment of the population because their political stance differs from the administrations.

    Maybe people do not understand what a tyrant really is?

  7. In the end, the communists were able to defeat America without firing a single shot.

    They just had to grease the right palms at the right time, and make sure the right people were in the right positions at the right time.

    Overall it probably cost less to bring America down than it took to invade Ukraine.

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