By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Pressing Question”
  1. I don’t think it is a matter of not being allowed to as much as not having enough money. In the world today and probably as far back as we know a person with no scruples and plenty money can own anything they can find for sale or theft. This is not to say I wouldn’t want a tank or a fighter plane, I very much would, but not only the cost to acquire needs to be taken in to account, the support staff, equipment required for maintenance, and repair parts need to be considered. That being said if you would like to bankroll this venture I will be by for coffee and we can get started today. Can we set a time?

  2. Ignorance is alive and well. I know a guy has 3 old tanks in his junk yard. And there are some on line for sale asking prices no worse than a nice classic car. Politics = eaten up with the dumbass.

    1. To be stylish, design it around the Soviet T-35 or the British TOG-2. The first has five turrets, the second, well, it has a soft spot in the hearts of tank aficionados.

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