I cannot tell you just how much I hate the saturation of the public sphere with Pride Flags in June.

It has nothing to do with gay people, themselves.  I’ve said it before, I don’t really care what two consenting adults want to do in private.

To me, it has become a First Amendment violation.

Yesterday I posted this:

The reason he is being charged with a felony is that it is a felony to deface a memorial in Florida.  The question is: is a temporary paint job to a city street a memorial?

I think it’s dubious as best and I hope his lawyer fights that.

Rember this post from earlier?

Cities in America are bending over backwards for Pride Month painting crosswalks and cop cars with Pride Flags.  US Embassies are allowed to fly Pride Flags under Biden, reversing the Trump decision to ban them.

About 4% of the population identifies as LGBT, so why so much emphasis on it?  Because it has become a secular religion.  Pride as a secular Leftist religion is being forced on the public with taxpayer dollars in violation of the First Amendment.

There are a lot more people in America who identify as Christan than identity as LGBT.  Imagine the outrage if the Ecumenical Flag was painted on crosswalks for Lent or if crosswalks were painted green and red for Christmas?

Can you imagine a patrol car with a Crucifix or Virgin Mary for Easter?

But because what the Left fervently believes in is a religion without a god, they can proselytize all they want with taxpayer dollars on public property.

We need a revisiting of the First Amendment and the separation of church and state.  It needs to acknowledge secular ideologies as tantamount to religions.

We also need to establish that in today’s world, all identities are tantamount.  The Left has totally destroyed the separation of mutable and immutable identity.  You can no longer make the argument “well you’re born gay but Christain is just a belief” because if you can identify as the opposite gender or no gender, then your identity is exactly what you say it is and therefore all identities are equal.

Essentially what I want to establish is that legally a religion and an identity are the same thing.

The separation of church and state should be a separation of identity and state.  The state doesn’t get to favor any expression of identity over any other any more than favor any religion over any other.

Either Jews and Christians get holy cop cars and crosswalks for our high holidays or they acknowledge that Pride is tantamount to a religion and no more public Pride displays.

But to tell people who identify as Christian that if they want to hang up their displays in public they can fuck off because the First Amendment says so, but anyone who wants to celebrate Pride gets public funds to paint their flags on every square inch of public space picks one identity over another and is a First Amendment violation.

Now, all we need is a Conservative civil rights group with funding to start suing municipalities based on this logic.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Pride has caused me to reconsider what Freedom of Religion means”
  1. People need something to believe in. There are many things that are essential religions.

    And “pride” is a great Ersatzreligion – because there is no scripture, no set of rules, no laws, no council or pope. It id perfect for people to play the “I’m holier than you”-card because who is to tell otherwise?

    It’s the perfect progressive religion – it can be amendet at will, you can excommunicate everyone who doesn’t conform with the latest dogma.

    I mean, to be “simple” gay person now is nearly as bad as being “cis” because you may not be attracted to trans-persons. Being a “simple” trans-person may not be enough anymore because you are not “genderfluid” or identify in the binary system (as a male or female). Heck, even being in a monogamic homosexual relationship is suspect because you may conform to old patriarchal role models.

    Just look at the pride flag – the original pride flag was a rainbow, it was for EVERYBODY because that was what the rainbow is about – all colors together. The pride flag now has perverted that thought and put everyone into its own group – hell, it even has a color for “people of color”. Since when is being “black” or “hispanic”* a sexuality?

    1. *) “Isn’t “hispanic” not a relict of cis-hetero-gendernormative-shitlords? How about “herspanic” or even “xerspanic”? Come to think of it, the “…spanic” is problematic to as it relies on imperialistic-monarchistic opressive border-nations.

      Also no one can argue against your perversion of the “pride”-movment because it is narrativ that everyone who criticizes the movement is a bad person, a Nazi.

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