A 45-year-old suspect in a Monday morning home invasion remains hospitalized, a day after he was stabbed multiple times by a teen that lived inside the home the suspect broke into.

Investigators say the teen used a Swiss Army knife to stab the suspect several times before the suspect ran away.

Officers found the suspect a few blocks away from the home. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to a Wichita hospital.

via Injured home invasion suspect remains in critical condition | Local News – Home.

I am just gonna quote Colonel Cooper in his Principles of Personal Defense:

In defense we do not initiate violence. We must grant
our attacker the vast advantage of striking the first blow, or
at least attempting to do so. But thereafter we may return
the attention with what should optimally be overwhelming

I am back again with the “Fair Fight”  doctrine I discussed yesterday. The bad guy had the advantage (or so he thought) when he broke into a house and attacked a minor who was probably less experienced about worldly things and the reality of crime than he was. By all measures, the bad guy was in a position of advantage and thus unfair. But you don’t see the Opposition complaining about that unfair advantage, only when it comes from our side.

The young man took more than appropriate action and went crazy chef on his attacker. He was well inside that legal window of self-defense and used whatever force was needed to protect his life.

Well done.

PS: If you were to have ONE book in your Self-Defense library, make it The Principles of Self Defense. Anything else comes second. And make it a point on re-reading it every three months (some say every month) to keep yourself with the proper operating system in your head.


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