Marion County deputies arrest man for murdering toddler

Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office charged a man with the death of a toddler whose spine was completely severed.

Travis Ray Thompson, 25, was arrested Thursday on first-degree murder charges while Engaged in aggravated child abuse.

Deputies say their investigation showed Thompson physically abused the toddler while she was in his care, resulting in the complete severing of her spine.

The medical examiner determined the child’s death was caused by traumatic injuries to her torso with a severing of her spine and internal bleeding behind her organs. Investigators say that based on the severity of her injuries, it was determined Thompson applied significant, gradual force to the toddler’s upper and lower body from the front with a fulcrum point on her lower back.

This man shouldn’t be sent to prison.

He should be let loose to be taken care of by some angry fathers while the local police look the other way.

This is a man who deserves to be tortured to death.  Given adrenaline and have his heart shocked back to life.  Given medical treatment.  Be allowed to heal.  Then tortured to death again, and the process repeated until he cannot be revived.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Prison is too good for him”
  1. Just do to him what he did, using hydraulic pressure tools so it can take days to kill him, then feed him into the woodchipper so there’s no possibility of revival.

  2. Not sure where child murderer stands in the prison hierarchy, but I am pretty sure it is close to child sexual abuser. Meaning that his life expectancy in prison would not be terribly long.

    I say send him to prison for a few years, refuse his requests for protective custody, and put him in with the lifers. A few words from some of the guards might extend the joy he gets to feel for the rest of his miserable pain filled life. Thinking blowtorch and pliers here.

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