Elon Musk made news a few weeks ago by tweeting out an image of the left moving more and more left.

While this describes the left moving more and more left it covers many different aspects of our lives.

The court – said to be more pro-religion than at any time since the 1950s – wrapped up one of its most consequential and divisive terms this week. Critics lamented a string of decisions that they say undermine legal traditions that prevent government officials from promoting any particular faith.

Moira Donegan is correct, the court is more pro-religion than anytime since the 1950s. Not because they are particularly pro-religion, but because the court was seriously anti-religion for the last 50+ years. The establishment clause was intended to stop the federal government from imposing a state religion on the country. It was not about hiding religion.

There is a little white cross, or was, just inside the tree line off of I95 somewhere in Maryland. It has a name on it. The name of a man that died on I95. He was a Christian. He wasn’t a church going sort of man. He grew up in the church.

There are groups that routinely search out those little white crosses on public property to have them removed. They are insisting on freedom from religion. For this small minority seeing a religious symbol on public land is the same as the government establishing a state church.

This is what got prayer pulled from school. Freedom from religion. Now it could be strongly argued that morning prayer was going to far. There are people that aren’t Christians in the school system and forcing them to say the lords prayer is going to far.

Unfortunately, the pendulum swung away from supporting religion to the point where people in authority are not allowed to show any religious leanings. Pride flag on the wall? Check, approved. Trans people safe poster in the hallways? Check, approved. Cross in the classroom ? Not approved.

Freedom from religion also lead to lawsuits trying to get the 10 Commandments removed from a federal court house. To war memorials being destroyed. In one case a private group came together to purchase the land where the war memorial was but a lawsuit was filed to stop the purchase.

And no matter how hard they try to remove God from the schools, I promise you that prayer is going on all the time, it just wasn’t formalized.

The Moira doesn’t seem to believe in a higher power. When a republican say “The Lord was with me.” or anything religious, she appears to be triggered. Again, her faith in her own beliefs is so weak that she fears that hearing somebody else’s utterances will force religion on her.

Earlier I was trying to read an article in a national news organization and the author referred to the court as “controlled by right-wingnut extremists”. For her and the rest of the left any decisions that doesn’t go their way must be because of political bias on the part of the justices.

Robert P Jones, founder and chief executive of the Public Religion Research Institute thinktank in Washington, said: “What we’re seeing is a desperate power grab as the sun is setting on white Christian America. In the courts, instead of moving slowly and systematically, it’s a lurch.”

Jones added: “In the meantime we’re going to be left with essentially an apartheid situation in the US where we’re going to have minority rule by this shrinking group that’s been able to seize the levers of power, even as their cultural democratic representation in the country shrinks.”

How do you reach a person such as this? How do you begin a conversation when she can’t even see us as people? How do we bring our country back together before the blood flows?

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By awa

5 thoughts on “Pro-Religion? Words have meaning”
  1. “ How do we bring our country back together before the blood flows? “

    We don’t, there is no compromise with EVIL, fascists, communists, demoncrats. Listen/read what they are saying, they never offer anything except violence. The left want us dead, end of story. As a meme here stated, some will “compromise” right up till they’re shot in the head while standing in the grave they dug.

  2. “Freedom from religion also lead to lawsuits trying to get the 10 Commandments removed from a federal court house. ”

    — Did you know those 10 Commandments monuments were put up in the 1950’s, in order to promote a Charlton Heston movie?

    —helping dozens of local FOE groups raise money to erect statues of the Ten Commandments. Ruegemer, DeMille, Heston and Brynner attended dedications for many of the 150 granite Ten Commandment monoliths that were constructed in 34 states and Canada. It was great publicity for the film—

  3. Musk’s little graphic kind of nails it for a number of people, myself and Mrs. B. included. (I would have a few more axes on the graph, e.g. to help separate fiscal from social issues inasmuch as they can be, but the principle applies.)
    The Left is, in point of fact, doing an excellent real-life illustration of the “inflation” hypothesis of the early universe’s expansion – moving faster the further they go from where I sit as an observer.

  4. “How do you reach a person such as this? How do you begin a conversation when she can’t even see us as people? How do we bring our country back together before the blood flows?”
    1. You cannot. They have made their politics a keystone of their personality, of their very being. Arguing against their beliefs is denying their existence, and they will never agree.
    2. See #1. Also, because she has integrated her politics into her personality, to the point it IS her personality, she assumes you have as well.
    3. If the folks on the right were dealing with adults on the left, instead of the toddlers they really are, we might have a chance. Unfortunately, the left has two positions for their switch. Either you agree with them, of they throw a tantrum until you do.
    The best we can hope is the violence and bloodshed remains in the leftist paradises, and does not flow out into the suburban and rural areas.

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