This is a long (very long) overdue review. Months ago, I received samples of Super Brush for T&E but it coincided with my slowing down on shooting for several causes and I am not anal about keeping my guns so clean, they can be carried in a OR.

Still I did perform one initial test with the Super Brush but probably not for what it was designed. I have a small frame revolver in .357 Magnum and was having troubles extracting cases smoothly for a fast reload. In one occasion it got so bad that a case couldn’t be extracted by the ejection rod and I had to push it with a cleaning rod. So the first duty I engaged the Super Swab was to be attached to a drill and after a generous application of bore paste I went to town on the chambers to remove any small imperfections present. Bore paste being very mild in its abrasive characteristics might have removed an offending tool mark or the cylinder just needed a good cleaning, but the swab came out black as night and the case sticking ceased…… yes, probably was just dirt. The Super Brush held amazingly well and even though I was expecting some degree of damage or shape change, other than the color and dirt on it, the swab looked normal.

This is the Super Brush for 9 mm. It looks like a tactical q-tip and its diameter is oversized which ensues a tight fit inside the barrel but not impossible to use. The material is some sort of man-made fabric/sponge/foam that works amazingly well. Now that I am going to start shooting IDPA matches again (The steam heat has dropped to human levels) I went over my FNP-9 which was still dirty from my last time at the range. The Super Brush with a shower of Shooter’s Choice Spray once again performed as I expected removing carbon deposits and leaving the barrel clean and shiny. I am saving the used tip for using again because I want to see how much filth it can capture.


Next came cleaning the slide & frame. For that I used the Gun Tips to scrub the carbon deposits again along Shooter’s Choice spray. They come in different sizes to basically reach any surface in the gun.  I treated them rather forcefully and managed to leave a cut in one of the one with the green handle but it did not come apart of left any particles of fibers behind. I think I removed stuff that had been with the gun since I got it and shot it first.

Conclusion: Even for a lazy slob like me, these are good products because they make the job of cleaning guns easier. You can find more in and even place an order for the babies.  Do check the whole site since they have similar products for other industries and it may come handy.

And i want to apologize to Cathy Desorcy whom I promised this review and I failed to deliver promptly. I hope she gets rid of the voodoo doll with my image somewhere in his office. 🙂

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.