Jessica Yaniv is a freak and a pervert posing as a trans-woman, using Social Justice as cover for his grotesqueries.

Yaniv gained infamy for suing immigrant women operating at-home waxing salons for human rights violations because they refused to wax his scrotum when he said that he wanted a Brazilian wax.  He claimed that he is a woman and that those are his female balls, and women who didn’t want to touch his male genitals were being transphobic and bigoted.

During that case, it was uncovered that he has a fetish for helping underage girls with their menstrual products and stalks young girls in public bathrooms to offer to help them insert tampons.

His case against the waxing salons failed, so it seems he is now turning his sights to the medical community.

It makes sense for him to do this.  Yaniv is in Canada.  In the UK, the NHS has gone full SJW and now calls expectant mothers “pregnant persons” because it’s bigoted and transphobic to believe that only women have babies.

Since Canada usually follows in the footsteps of the UK, having the Canadian health system go full SJW can be expected.

The gynecologist’s office, for now, is not wrong.  Medical practitioners should still be bound to anatomical facts, and a gynecologist has no special training in handling balls.

If Yaniv manages to push this to its SJW conclusion, medicine in Canada is dead, and Progressivism will have killed it.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Progressivism – now with less reality”
  1. Give him what he wants.

    Examine him. Jam a swab into his crotch to take a Pap smear. Who cares there is not an orifice to accept the swab. His man vagina is really there. All you have to do is believe it is there. If you need to, make one. Use the damned swab to make it if necessary.

    Claim the pap smear indicates cervical cancer and prescribe a full hysterectomy. Dig in and remove parts. Do it against his wishes if necessary. You are, after all, saving his life.

    Perform a mammogram as well. His man boobs are right there. The total lack of mammary glands is clearly indicative of a serious disease, and a double mastectomy should be performed.

    If this guy wants to be treated like a woman, treat him like a woman. Every medical indication that he is not physically a woman needs to be treated like it is a disease.

  2. Just another Social Justice bully using the niceness of others to be a jerk and a creep. And one who will be enabled by others who don’t know any better.

  3. Yaniv isn’t a transwoman, he has never been diagnosed as having gender dysphoria, has not sought chemical or cosmetic therapies to transition, etc.

    He is a self-confessed pedophile with what seems to be narcissistic personality disorder and a weird medical treatment fetish.

    He also has a fairly lengthy criminal record, including arrests for illegal weapon possession.

    Sadly, it’s freaks like this that make legitimate transgender people look bad by association.

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