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Southern Hospitality

Different areas have different cultures, this is very true. While most of the world will poke fun a Texans, I would much rather interact with a full of themselves Texan than somebody from NY.

When I say “interactions” I’m not talking about friends from NYC as such, but those random strangers that you run into and have to deal with.

If I see a car with New York plates I expect a certain type of driving from them and allow for it. Same with a few other states.

Fortunately for all of us, we don’t wear our license plates on our backs. We just have to interact with each other.

Most people have a level of pride in where they live. This doesn’t include the transplant that is always complaining about how it was better wherever it was they came from, this is the people that live where they live because they want to.

This is how you end up with “The Big Apple” and how every person from NYC seems to believe it is the greatest city ever. The people of San Francisco are proud of their city and or state. You can see this in “school pride” where just because you went to a particular university or high school you are proud of that institution.

Say “Go Trojans” and everybody knows. “I’m a Packer Backer” and everybody knows. This is human.

The problem with attitudes is how people deal when they are not in their territory. The Texan that advertises with a $200 to $500 Stetson hat. The NYC person does it with their “big apple” attire.

But it is when people open their mouths that you find the difference.

“Everything is bigger in Texas” or “It is better in Texas” comes across as crass to the person that knows that theirs is better.

The alternative statement is “your _____ is shit”.

That is the big difference. Somebody from the south is likely to say “Ours is better.” while somebody from these entitled liberal bastion are more likely to say that yours is bad. There is such a huge difference in perception of “ours is better” vs. “yours is bad”. People take offense from those sorts of words.

Those elites have a horrible habit of looking down at everybody that isn’t part of their clique. It doesn’t matter if you are in their territory or they are in yours.

Most cops I’ve interacted with have been polite and helpful within the limits of what the interaction is about. My one interaction with a NYC cop was an example of that “You’re not a NYC person so you’re garbage.” I was on my bike, I asked for directions to a restaurant. The restaurant was actually just down the alley from where we were. You could see it. I didn’t.

The cop was not happy to have somebody talk to him. He heard the request and gave me directions. I thanked him and rode off following his directions. And almost ended up taking the Holland Tunnel right off the island.

Came back around and on the fifth attempt finally found the restaurant. That is the attitude I expect of people that think they are elites.

What this means is that people that have this sort of city elite attitude push it when they are in other states. They are often loud, out, and proud. Not talking about just sexual orientation. You see this in bumper stickers and other car stickers. People on the left will often decorate their vehicles with all their stances. Baby murder stickers. Anti-Trump stickers. Gun Free Zone stickers. coexist stickers. They are all out there. They are never really afraid that somebody is going to react in a physical way to these statements, in their own enclaves.

They know exactly how they think of those low life deplorables those knuckles drag when they walk. They know how they would act if one of “those people” were to dare to enter, no invade, their enclave. They expect the same response when they go elsewhere.

If they would be willing to do evil to somebody because of their stance on a political position, they expect others to do the same to them. The project their actions onto others and are fearful.

It reminds me of the Trump yard signs in the town just north of me. They are a very elite leftist town. The people that put out Trump yard signs were reporting them vandalized or stolen constantly. The police didn’t really do anything. The news media played a tiny violin for those yucky tRumptsters. It wasn’t a big deal.

Then people put out some BLM signs. A few, a very few, were knocked over. The police immediately released a press statement about how hate doesn’t belong int eh community and that they would find the horrible evil people that were vandalizing signs.

The funny thing was one person that reported that they had had more Trump signs vandalized or stolen himself than all the reported vandalism of BLM signs combined.

This is the problem. They know that they would do it. Thus they expect others to do it to them.

I never fear travel in urban and rural areas. I’m going to be polite and most of the time the people around me are polite right back. I worry about moving through cities. There seems to be much more violence in those areas. It is very hard to find confirmed reports of people being attacked because they were “leftists” or “progressives” or such.

This person would have no problems traveling in the southlands if she kept her opinions to herself. The problem she has is that she doesn’t have the self control to keep her mouth shut. So she will say offensive things to strangers and then confirm her biases when they don’t just roll over and take it.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “Project Much? The Fear of Red States”
  1. “This person would have no problems traveling in the southlands if she kept her opinions to herself. “

    There it is. There is a huge difference between “I like it here, but wish ______ was a bit more like home.” and, “This place is a dump, why doesn’t ______ work exactly as it does at home.”
    If you think anyone that does not want to live in NYC is some kind of asshole, keep that to yourself. If you think the world ends at the bridge, keep that to yourself.

    If you are really enjoying yourself when you visit the country, let the local folks know. You are proud of where you come from and so are they.

  2. WRONGO, El awa, leftists don’t expect normal people to treat them as leftists treat normal people. If they did, they would keep their mouths shut when not in their leftist bubble. Leftists know they will most likely be treated courteously by normal folks, even when showing their ass. Personally, I stopped talking up Texas years ago, why beat a dead horse when the entire world knows how good it is? ;-)) And besides, talking about the great State of Texas might influence some moronic leftist to move here and I don’t want the paperwork involved in putting their evil, stupid asses where they belong. Not here.

    1. I used to deliver clothing in NJ, then go into NYC to load back home. One place had two big lion statutes at the front steps, they all spoke Chinese and I only ever found one person there that spoke English. I loaded there, hand loaded by numerous Chinese, none could understand English, I do not understand any flavor of Chinese. The last time I loaded there, what showed up in the warehouse? All illegal aliens of Hispanic heritage. They couldn’t understand English or Chinese. It was a serious circlejerk. I managed to convince my boss to put me on a route that DIDN’T GO to NJ or NYC. ;-))

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