As I gather, this little PSA was originally broadcast during the Super Bowl (I didn’t watch it), and now it is one of the ads that plays on on YouTube before the video you want to watch.

Hooray!!! Girl power!!!

Now my daughter can suffer the same head an cervical spine trauma that I want my son not to suffer.


Didn’t we spend the last few years listening to people, usually on the Left, complain – and rightfully so – that football was too dangerous a sport.

It has one of the highest rates of head trauma and concussion.

Proving that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions, and the law the unintended consequences never fails to bite you in the ass… as youth groups mandated better helmets for youth football, we learned that the new, better helmets were heavier and little kids didn’t have the neck strength for them and instead of concussions, they were suffering from soft tissue neck injuries.

Youth Football is little more than a lesson to kids that academics dishonesty okay as long as you win games delivered during a head on car accident.

But all of that gets memory holed the second we put girls on the field and make it into a girl power thing.

It’s said that Liberalism is a mental illness.  Now that fewer girls are identifying as feminists, this is the great feminist plan.  Increase the number of feminists by increasing the number of girls with blunt force brain damage.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Proof the Feminism hurts girls”
  1. If either my daughters decide they want to participate in a sport where the risk of injury is great, I’m going to push them towards Greco-Roman wrestling, jujitsu/judo, kravmaga, or boxing… Might as well get some useful skills out of it.

    1. Or suggest something safer, like skydiving. That too teaches useful skills: spatial perception, quick reflexes, the importance of rigorous adherence to safety rules (exactly as with shooting). It’s also exhilarating.

  2. So we have adult men lining up against teenaged girls, one of whom cat’t even wear a helmet properly. Everyone mills about aimlessly until one of the girls wanders over the goal line with no opposition. Yeah, that’s a great life lesson. You achieve your goals, without effort or opposition because you’re a girl. That will work well in real life.

  3. There was another ad with a better message, the Toyota ad featuring female football player Toni Harris. Working hard at her craft, training seriously…

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