This is Daniel Goldman:


He’s a lawyer and is running for Congress.

He Tweeted this:


Griffin v. California (1965) is very explicit that you cannot infer guilt because the defendant refuses to testify or that silence is evidence of guilt.

If a prosecutor said this in court the defense would move for an immediate mistrial and it would probably be granted.

But this fucking piece of shit throws that legal principle out the window because he’s a Democrat and it’s Trump who’s pleading the Fifth.

These people don’t believe in the principles of the law, only using the law as a tool to destroy their opponents.

This fuck should be disbarred for that Tweet.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Prosecutor and Congressional candidate is a piece of shit”
  1. The prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial tried that. The Judge slapped the prosecutor down, but only threatened to declare a mistrial but didn’t.

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