Patriots fan was punched in head before he died at stadium, witness says

A New England Patriots fan who died at a home game Sunday was punched in the head twice before the medical emergency, a witness said Tuesday.

Massachusetts State Police have said that Dale Mooney “suffered an apparent medical event” during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

“A fan in a Dolphins jersey reached over and just punched the victim twice in the face,” witness Joe Kilmartin said.

The exact cause of death has not been released because the autopsy has not been done yet.

However, the indications are that he most likely died from a brain bleed due to head trauma.

Brain bleeds are insidious.  A slow brain bleed can cause pressure to build up inside the skull until death occurs.

The victim may not be fully aware of the damage to his brain because early symptoms would be headaches and dizziness, which are overlooked.

By the time it gets severe enough where the victim wants to seek medical attention, they may be incapacitated.

Head trauma is very serious, and a good punch or two, especially when unexpected, can cause fatal head trauma.

Don’t get punched in the head, and don’t let idiots yell you that you don’t need to be prepared to use force to stop yourself from getting punched in the head.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Punch related fatality”
  1. Yet another example.

    BTW, J. Kb, check your gmail for September 14th. I’d passed another one of these incidents along.

  2. Wonder why a fight broke out at a NFL game?
    Oh, no… wait. No I do not wonder at all. Idiots self identify with some sportsball group and some trashtalking will turn into violence because… reasons.
    I would not be surprised to find out there was some significant angry words shared between these two before any punches were thrown.
    Reminder, de-escalate early and often. Avoid stepping it up, and avoid the punch.

  3. CBMTTek,

    I agree. And if you are sitting near some of these drunken fools? Move your family out of the way, go visit the refreshment stands, or whatever. Give them room to be stupid without punching or falling on you or yours.
    Don’t be collateral damage.

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