I thought that vagrants dumping buckets of liquid shit on people while entitled degenerates are given a free pass to rob tax paying business of $950 worth of merchandise at a time was peak Progressivism.

I was wrong.

I forgot about this quote by Ayn Rand:

There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

Letting the homeless former taxpayers still does not put the taxpayer sufficiently under the boot heel of government.

So what to do?

Enter Colorado:

Business Owner Livid When City Fines Him for Refusing To Clean Up Homeless People’s Feces

The government is fining a tax payer for not fixing the problem the government itself created.

As if dealing with homeless people defecating on his property wasn’t enough, a Denver businessman is now being faced with a citation from the city.

Jawaid Bazyar, the CEO of an internet service provider in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, has been finding human feces on his property almost daily, KDVR reported Friday.

“This is a bathroom stall,” he said. “They just kinda lean up against the wall here and let it rip.”

“In downtown Denver, that’s nonstop now, just piles of poop.”

San Francisco of the Rockies.  This is why you don’t  let California Progressives colonize your Red state.

He said his employees have even been accosted and harassed.

“I’ve been chased with a 2-by-4, I’ve been chased with a knife, a pipe, and he took a rock, bashed in my whole windshield,” employee Tamara Chapman said.

And the police do nothing.  Not just is cleaning up vagrant shit a health hazard, it’s also puts workers at risk for violence.

Now, the businessman has stopped cleaning up the feces, leading to a citation from the city health department.

“It’s a biohazard. We don’t know, it could be infectious,” he said. “I didn’t hire these people to clean poop off the ground.”

The health department argued that feces removal was not its responsibility because the mess was on private property.

Does this guy really expect bureaucrats to lift a finger to help him when there is revenue to be made by fining him for not cleaning up the mess the bureaucracy created?

That’s not how the system works.

He has money which means it’s in the best interest of government to take his money, not spend money on him.

Really, the ultimate government system is to fine the business owner for not cleaning up shit and using some of that money to feed the homeless Curry and prune juice and tell them they won’t be arrested for shitting on the business owners property.  That creates an endless source of revenue for the government – until the business owner gives up and moves or the business goes under.  But there is always another business to replace that one (at least that’s the bureaucrats’ assumption).

But that response does little to help Bazyar.

“Like I’m the bad guy, right, like I’m not the one doing this,” he told KDVR.

“And they won’t do anything about the people committing crimes.

Because sending police after violent shitting vagrants is dangerous and costs money.  Fining a law abiding citizen is not dangerous and generates revenue.

Bazyar decried the government’s inaction as a political problem.

“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do,” he said. “The government’s primary job is public safety.”

That naivete is adorable.

The Progressive defense of the Deep State has proven beyond a doubt that the purpose of government, at all levels, is to create sinecures for people too incompetent to succeed in the private sector.

College kids are coming out of school (college and public) less educated than ever before, school tuition or per student cost is at an all time high, and our schools have more non-teaching administrators making more money than ever.  This is not a coincidence, this is the system.

I almost feel bad for Bazyar.  Except he probably voted for the politicians who are doing this to him, and will still support the same political party, and will still believe in the Progressive cause.  He just never thought he’d be the victim of the policies he voted for.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Punished for not fixing a problem the government created”
  1. Blast it into the street with a high pressure hose and let the city deal with it on their turf. Not on your property, not your problem.

    To end future abuses, turn the hose on the homeless when they drop their pants to do their deed. Act like an animal, get treated like one. They won’t come back.

  2. Bright Lights 24 hours a day, cameras to record any wrongdoing?
    (LED Lights are a great innovation, energy efficient and long lasting.)
    I wonder if he could get away with motion detector sprinklers?
    A twenty second stream of water on your head or splashing your shoes would be very annoying.

    You cannot kill them, but maybe you can move them elsewhere?

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