You may have heard about this. Over 400 packages found abandoned in a ravine.

Natasha Abney told WBMA-TV that her neighbor found the boxes on his property.

“I mean it was just a river of boxes,” Abney said. “Some busted open, some not.”

Hundreds of FedEx packages are found in Alabama woods (

Although I understand the millions upon millions of packages that FedEx deals with every day, you would figure that 400 packages never making it in the same area by the same driver and probably complained about by the sender and/or the receiver would have made a blip in somebody’s computer at HQ or a satellite office. But instead, they get a call from the local LEOs telling them they better come pick up their crap and figure out wth.

And people paid up the nose for shitty service you use believe only happened with the USPS.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Questions about the dumped FedEx packages”
  1. FedEx does have some interesting tracking issues… last year, I had a (low-value) package make the jump to hyperspace near Nashville and vanish forever, and on a few other occasions packages have shown clearly nonsensical tracking status for a couple of days before eventually reappearing and getting delivered.
    So it seems entirely possible that a bunch of lost packages spanning a few days might not raise any alarms in the secret command bunker.
    And now we’re in peak delivery season, so they’re likely hiring anyone they can find hanging around a Home Depot parking lot and renting every available delivery truck. (Around here, UPS has been using non-uniformed drivers in personal vehicles for some deliveries the past week; I’ll see if our regular drivers make today’s UPS and FedEx deliveries.)

    1. I’d think that a porch pirate would open all the packages he grabbed. And why would a porch pirate grab Chewy boxes (presumably pet food)?
      Or am I making unrealistic assumptions about the rationality of porch pirates?

  2. This is why the shipping companies have so many problems with theft that they require firearms get sent overnight at a cost of hundreds of dollars.

  3. Well pet food is expensive and hood tag sales often just have basic household goods as discussed in prior looting posts.

    Id guess if there were a disconnect, it is from people reporting to the retailer the lost package, not to fedex.

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