Duncan v. Bonta 23-55805 (9th Cir). The 9th circuit granted a stay pending the outcome of the appeal. They will be hearing oral arguments on March 18, 2024. This means that The People living in California will be deprived of their civil rights until the 9th returns their opinion.

This is sickening because the Supreme Court already told the Ninth they got it wrong when they GVRed this case after Bruen

Renna v. Becerra is still in a holding pattern. The District court ordered an injunction, then stayed the injunction pending resolution in the Ninth Circuit court. That was back in April. Still no movement on the case.

Barnett v. Raoul 23-cv-00209 (S.D. Illinois) is slowly moving forward. The parties agree that this case is going to seek cert. with the Supreme Court. Therefore, they are doing discovery to have facts on record. Everybody in the case is dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s to make sure the case is processed correctly.

Most of this is because the Seventh Circuit court has too many agenda driving rogue judges on it.

Carralero v. Bonta, 8:23-cv-01798, (C.D. Cal.) was our win from Wednesday, Friday, the state gave notice that they would be appealing. Until the Ninth Circuit grants the stay, many of the sensitive places restrictions in California are enjoined.

This could be good news for the 2A community. If the en banc panel that is messing with Virginia Duncan tries to grab this case, it will be clear that they are cheating. If a different three judge panel gets this case, they could rule for The People.

The state should be procedurally barred from asking for a stay on the injunction because they have not asked the district court for a stay.

Reno May v. Robert Bonta, 8:23-cv-01696, (C.D. Cal.) sees the state appealing to the Ninth Circuit. Same old stuff as Carralero

Kipke v. Moore, 1:23-cv-01293, (D. Maryland) is having numerous supplemental authority filings. The plaintiffs (good guys) have brought up the S.D. California win for The People. The state is bringing up the Antonyuk decision by the Second Circuit.

Of course, the state has to cheat. They only mention the parts of the Second Circuit’s opinion that support them, totally omitting the few places where the Second eviscerated their regulation.

Bains v. American Tactical, Inc., 6:23-cv-06208, (W.D.N.Y.) is the lawfare against gun manufactures and resellers for the acts of bad people. The current attack is to claim that the selling of firearms creates a public nuisance. Being a public nuisance is against the law, so the manufacturer or reseller are responsible for an asshole shooting others.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Polis, 1:23-cv-02563, (D. Colo.) is making its way through the Tenth Circuit court after losing at the district court level. There, the district court found that the plain text of the Second Amendment does not cover waiting periods.

Like always, the state moves at a snails pace when it means that The People will be denied their rights longer.

California Rifle and Pistol Association, Incorporated v. Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, 2:23-cv-10169, (C.D. Cal.) is a new case. It was filed in early December. It challenges the cost in time and money to get permits to carry in certain locations in California.

More importantly, it challenges the lack of reciprocity. California does not recognize any other state’s CCW. California does not allow out of state residents to get California CCWs. This means that out of state residents are denied the right to carry in California.

This flies directly in the face of Bruen. This could be the start of nationwide reciprocity. I can certainly dream.

I hate traveling into Mordor. The state was horrible before Bruen, since Bruen it has just gotten worse. They still have laws on the books that require people to have state permission to purchase or posses ammunition or ammunition components.

There are many more, but this gives a sampling. I’m watching for a request for certiorari from Bevis out of Illinois. They made a request on the Supreme Court’s emergency docket, which was denied. A straight-up ask might be granted.

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  1. Thank you.
    Here in New Mexico we’re watching our beloved governor push for a state-level clone of the AWB our revered senator Heinrich tried in the Senate.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Thank you all at the GFZB for another year of information and enjoyment

  3. The VAST majority of judges at most levels do not like the Second Amendment and don’t believe we peons should had guns. This mentality informs and drives everything they do. Most of them at least pretend they believe in a “restricted” right. So they do their best to restrict the right where an when possible. Some no longer even try to hide their bias. We will NEVER see a full acceptance and exercise of 2A rights. Because the legal system is a part of government. And NO government wants their intended slaves to be armed. That is reality.

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