Quick thought on the 10 round limit for NJ Police

The New Jersey law that limited magazines to 10 rounds applies to police as well except when they are on duty – and presumably by extension – only armed with their duty weapon.

New Jersey police can’t keep magazines with more than 10 rounds in their personal collection.

A lot of people say this seems fair, as much as gun control is fair, in that people in law enforcement should not have special rights.

This however, is a break from the way Democrats have treated cops in the past when it comes to gun control.

The Left has always been about protecting the power of government against the rights of people.  So usually giving people who have had the sprinkling of the magic fairy dust of goverment power extra rights is right up the Democrat alley.  So for them not to include police in the exceptions to 10 round mags is new.

This has made me think, is this the ultimate result of the anti-police attitude that has metastasized in Woke Democrats in the last few years.

Old is busted is “the police are the only ones who can be trusted to carry guns.”  Now it’s “disarm the police.”

I’m curious if this new breed of Democrat that is coming into power (the AOC generation)  that has been steeped in anti-cop rhetoric is going to more and more not exempt police from gun control.

I wonder what that will do for the gun control movement.

It might be much harder to enforce gun control when the police figure out that they are bound by the very same rules as soon as they clock out and take off their uniforms.

How willing is a police officer to enforce an AWB when he has to give up his personal AR too?


11 Replies to “Quick thought on the 10 round limit for NJ Police”

  1. I seem to recall that this happened last time as well, and they scrambled to pass an exception like a week after. I wouldn’t consider it anything other than incompetence on their part.

    1. My thoughts exactly, and I believe NY did the same screw up/reversal with the SAFE Act IIRC. Since they are just sending out these letters as the law takes effect, I suspect the LEO unions/PD’s are just learning of the lack of carve-out. Let’s see how long it takes for the law to be changed.

  2. This is interesting considering that the Circuit Court decision focused on the training that Police Officers received as justification to allow the Police to have “Large Capacity Magazines” while preventing civilians from possessing them. Apparently Police Officers forget their training when they clock out, and relearn it when the clock in.

    1. Damn Nuke, who would have thought that a trained officer could forget that quick. No wonder our training isn’t taken into account, we might forget even quicker, like on the way out of the class.

  3. If the likes of AOC and her followers can take over, I think we will see the disarmament of not only civilians but rank and file law enforcement as well. Possibly even the end of local PDs and SOs which will replaced by Federal agents supplemented by ANTIFA goons operating like the Venezuelan collectivos. Locally controlled law enforcement is too dedicated for the most part to the constitution and current rule of law as far as socialists are concerned.

  4. Bishop, that might work in the metro areas ran by the demoncraps, but in most other places, the sighting of anything approaching Antifa would result in planning for the first available ambush opportunity to blow their collective heads off “No Quarter” given nor expected to be received and no prisoners taken.

    Antifa is a bunch of cowards. You can deduce that by where they operate. Except in places where they have political support from the local PTB that can order the police from doing their normal duty they are never seen.
    And when confronted with any amount of reciprocal violence, they run.

  5. Time for the few remaining NJ gun owners to Go Alinsky?

    Anonymously Encourage the NJ Legislature to not revise the law. Encourage the local anti-cop fringe to do so also. Even further, encourage them to support a Barney Fife law for on-duty police, where they can’t load their weapon until it is needed? (It won’t take much encouragement!)

    Find those fracture lines and hammer those wedge issues hard!

  6. The cops have to obey the same gun laws as the rest of us?

    I’m GOOD with that!

    I will even propose a solution that doesn’t cause a single cop to have to change what they’re carrying right this second.

    It will mean that we, the unwashed, will get far more access to cool stuff.

    Win for everyone!

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