Quote of the Day. Florida’s Guardian Program

Some school boards are finally getting in with the Florida Guardian program. I have no idea why each [articular place does it, but I figure most local Sheriffs have said they have neither the deputies nor the money to pay for what should be school responsibility.

A teacher friend of mine, military vet and shooter, tried to be a sheep wolf and asked to be included in the guardian Program. He was rejected because only active LEO or Military can apply if they are teachers.  He had a great line that indicates the absurdity of the situation:

“The state trusts the lunch lady, but not teachers.”

And that is all she wrote, folks.

3 Replies to “Quote of the Day. Florida’s Guardian Program”

  1. I knew it was a fraud when they made the shooting requirements for the “Guardian” higher than the deputy or beat cop that would show up or even the SWAT team.

  2. How can someone be an active LOE or military member AND a teacher? That’s BS. So folks who have served their country with honor, who have been trained in cutting edge weapons and tactics, and have successfully used those skils for years, are told to pound sand if they want to now serve their communities as educators? Folks who simply want to protect their students? And who are more than likely better trained and more competent than most cops?

  3. If anyone wants to peruse the some of the “…comprehensive firearm safety and proficiency training…” that a “Guardian” must take and have a higher passing score (85% vs 80%)

    Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program:

    Firearms – CJK0040

    Volume 2—Florida Basic Recruit Training Program: High Liability textbook(Chapter 3 CMS Criminal Justice Firearms CJK0040):

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