I have written about Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg before.

I hate this woman with every fiber of my being.  There is no white nationalist or ISIS fighter that hates Rabbi Ruttenberg more than I do.

I don’t hate her because she’s a Jew.  I hate her because she’s a Progressive who claims to be a Jew and went into the Rabbinate.  She is a Progressive 5th column inside of Judaism that actively undermines the Jewish faith.

The great Iowa Hawk Tweeted this:

That is Rabbi Ruttenberg with Judaism.

This is her Tweet thread about Hanukkah (unrolled for easy reading):

Here’s a lil’ thread about Hanukah and the Trump Administration. 1/x

In 175 B. C., an insecure, despotic ruler came to power. He was narcissistic and known for a level of extravagance and display that bordered on the bizarre.

Despite his occasional ability to captivate his subjects by appearing gracious, he was said to have, in his heart, a cruel tyrant’s contempt for his subjects.

None of this is historically accurate.  He was loved by the Greeks who compared him favorably with Alexander.  Calling him Antiochus III the Great.

Political positions under him were easily bought; he installed unqualified cronies in high positions and quickly turned on one if another offered him more money for the same job.

Again, not true.

He was quick to anger, and it wasn’t long into his reign that he began curtailing civil liberties, restricting the freedom of religion, and pillaging his subjects’ resources for his own profit.

Civil liberties were not really a concept the Greeks understood.  Not in the modern sense anyway.  Rights, as they existed, only belonged to Greek men, who were citizens of the Greek state.  This is a distortion of history.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes seized rule illegitimately over the Seleucid Empire, incl Judea; the kingship was to have gone to his nephew, but he took it by force. Bribes drove his appointments of the high priest; he plundered the treasury of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem for its gold.

No… he tried to create a unified Greek empire under one religion and system of government.  Like many rulers at the time.

In a fury about a humiliating loss in Egypt, he cracked down in Judea, outlawing observance of the Sabbath and ritual circumcision and defiling the temple by erecting an altar to Zeus there, complete with pig sacrifice.
He sent his officers to slay and destroy, with an agenda that was less about Hellenism — that is, the demand that the Judeans assimilate into the kingdom’s dominant Greek-influenced culture — than it was about denationalization, a full eradication of their way of life.

This is the first accurate thing in her thread.

The parallels to U.S. politics are hard to ignore. The questions about Trump’s illegal rise to power, stacking the administration with people who benefit his purse; the kleptocracy, collusion with brutal regimes; assaults on civil liberties and human rights.

The parallels don’t exist.  Trump is the duly elected President.

The Left can say whatever they want about “Russian collusion” but in the end, even they admit not one voting machine was hacked, not one vote was altered.  The election was fair, legal, and legitimate.

While the accusations of kleptocracy abound, I have not seen the Trump equivalent of Solyndra or the stimulus contracts and kickbacks that Obama bundlers got.

Not to mention, the civil rights of Americans remain intact.  I have not been forced to worship any other Gods.  In fact, Trump’s EO as per the Civil Rights Act has done more for the Jews than anything Obama did.  Maybe the Rabbi should read Tablet Magazine more.

He has sacked the Temple of our democracy and social safety nets. He’s been trying to destroy us entirely.

No, this is bullshit.

Antiochus’s regime was, needless to say, terrifying and devastating for the Judeans, who had to decide whether to be martyred — as many were — or to submit to his demands.

A small handful of zealots chose a third option, however, protesting his decrees and the complicity of some of their fellow Judeans. After an initial skirmish, the Maccabees ran for the hills and, soon, were engaged in all-out warfare with the massive Seleucid army.

Ruttenberg is a coward.  If she really thought that Trump was a threat like Antiochus – who had Jews executed for practicing their religion – she’d pick up a rifle and actually do something.  Instead, she Tweets horseshit as part of the hashtag resistance.  Slacktivist Rabbi.

They were outmanned and underarmed; many of the Maccabean soldiers didn’t even have swords and armor. But they made use of their superior knowledge of their terrain: They were light, quick and mobile, relying on ambush techniques and superior tactical skill.

And this parallels her side, how?

Slowly, painstakingly, they beat back the Seleucids and eventually gained their freedom.

With weapons.  They gained their freedom with weapons.

You can’t celebrate the story of the Maccabees defeating the Greeks and be anti-gun at the same time.

They held fast to their ideals and pushed back against the narrative that their faith was a just target for oppression. Their smart thinking and intimate knowledge of their own country was enough to outmaneuver a government bent on maintaining power through force.

Point to me where Trump is maintaining power through force?  Has a single polling place been closed?  Have Trump supporters beat people who went to the polls in 2018 to elect a Democrat majority to Congress?  Those were the typical tactics used by the Democrats to hold power in the South.

This administration has forced us to become smarter and savvier than we had been, to be resourceful and make use of all the assets we have — perhaps not by hiding in caves but by building coalitions, developing protest strategies, creating novel uses for technology.

No.  This administration has caused Ruttenberg and her ilk to become dumber and more afflicted with emotional hysterics.

We have had to become quick, light and strategically flawless, and we have had to settle in for the long haul. We killed the midterms, but we still have Trump in office, a GOP senate and two stolen SCOTUS seats to contend with. We’re not done.

Stolen SCOTUS seats?  That is a thought-terminating statement.  The duly elected President nominated Justices who were confirmed by the duly elected Senate.  Them’s the rules, as set by Harry Reid and the Constitution of the United States.

But we have done extraordinary work, and Hanukah is a time to pause and both celebrate the resistance and bravery of the last two years, and to fill up with light as we recommit to the work that lies ahead for us.
We know now, better than ever, that we have to make the miracles ourselves.

This is disgusting, historically inaccurate bullshit that disrespects the story and meaning of Hanukkah.

There are no parallels between an ancient Greek theistic empire and the current Administration which is still bound by the Constitution.

This is the Progressive “everyone I don’t like is Hitler” given a Hanukkah makeover, and it’s equally offensive.

Ruttenberg isn’t a practicing Jew.  She’s a practicing Progressive who worships at the altar of the Leftist State.  Her holy texts are the Opinion Section of the New York Times.

It’s that she uses her Rabbinic credentials to spread this garbage as though it was Jewish teaching and not a Leftist rant is an insult to Judaism and does harm to the Jewish community.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Rabbi Ruttenbeg is why Jews need to be beat with a clue-by-four”
  1. Hey Rabbi Ruttenbeg:
    “The questions about Trump’s illegal rise to power, stacking the administration with people who benefit his purse; the kleptocracy, collusion with brutal regimes; assaults on civil liberties and human rights.”

    Show me. Show me where Trump has done any of this. Show me evidence that any of these charges are anything other than baseless allegations.

    Show me where Trump benefited in a way that was more than incidental for any action he took. Give me a list of friends or business associates that benefited directly from Trump’s actions. Where is the list of campaign donors that got sweetheart deals from the Trump administration?

    The point is dig deep enough and you can find something. But, look at how deep they need to dig. Two+ years of investigation into Russian collusion and they got nothing. If someone spent two years investigating any action on the part of a certain previous administration I have a feeling that something more than allegations would be discovered.

    So, I have officially adopted the Missouri state motto … Show me.
    If you can’t. Shut up.

  2. If you replace Hellenistic with Progressive, you get the modern version of the people the Maccabees revolted against. As in begone Progressive assimilationist scum!
    I haven’t checked out the new Rabbi yet but the congregation is Reconstructist, and the previous Rabbi likened BDS to Haman so the politics are more conservative than the liturgy.

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