I’m not 100% sure why the Left thinks this is a good argument.

I see two interpretations of this argument, none of which make the person who said it look good:

  1. They assume Republicans are racists and if black people were armed like that they’d turn against gun rights and want to disarm law-abiding black people the way the Democrats have wanted to do since 1865.
  2. White people should be stomped on and have their rights taken away just the same way that black people have been historically oppressed by the United States.

The converse, that letting law-abiding black people have gun rights unmolested never dawns on them.  They are too full of racism and hatred of freedom for that.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Racist MSNBC employee projects his racism onto others”
  1. I had been assuming the former interpretation. Although, these days, the second isn’t much of a stretch either.

    So much for reporting the news, Mr. Miller…

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