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The media peaked just right after 9/11.

There were countless local stations that were all affiliates of three corporations and half a dozen national cable channels.

People turned to the media for information in the early days of the Global War on Terror.

A handful of news networks and agencies had a monopoly on information.

Then technology happened.

Smart phones, social media, podcasts, information distribution was democratized.

The major networks we’ve proven to be serial liars, from WMDs to the Trump/Russia collusion and pee-pee tapes to Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation and Nick Sandmann’s libel settlement.

All of this hoopla against Joe Rogan is the old media monopoly tantruming as control of information is wrenched from their grasp by amateurs.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Rage, rage against the dying of the monopoly”
  1. These days, the difference between misinformation and reality is about three weeks.

    And, the harder they fight against it, the more I want to hear what Rogan (or anyone else that is getting cancelled) has to say.

  2. Corporate Media is Government Propaganda. At least Pravda and Izvestia had the excuse that nasty people like Stalin would destroy them if they questioned the Government Propaganda. Corporate Media and everyone that works in it have no excuse. They gleefully parrot the crud Jen Psaki (pronounced Piss Hockey) and the other Democrat shills blather. They will harangue, denigrate, and question any Republican spokesperson. Just look at the treatment Christina Pushaw gets as spokesperson for Ron DeSantis.

    By 2024, I expect the Democrats to push for and maybe enact Government Subsidies for their favored Media Oulets. None for Fox. None for OANN. This is exactly what Cananda does. CBC and all the other Liberal/NDP Friendly media are subsidized. None for Rebel News. None for True North.

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