Raw Story senior editor is honest about socialism

We were sitting in the airport this morning and I decided to catch up on my regular news sites.

I saw this on Twitchy and nearly blew a gasket.

It started with the Conservative pundit Stephen Miller calling out some college communist for saying one of the stupidest and morally repugnant things I’ve ever seen about Cuba on Twitter.

This struck me deep.  The day before I was at my buddy’s wedding.  His family is from Cuba.  His grandparents were there.  His grandfather is 96 years old and they has just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary the week before.  So they were honored at his wedding.  The Bishop who conducted the service talked about them and their fleeing from Cuba and the fact that the wedding took place on September 8th, which is the day of the Feast of Our Lady of Charity, which is done in honor of Cuban exiles.

So I had just from a first hand reminder of what had been done to so many people during the Cuban Revolution.  Seeing someone praise Cuban communism a day after celebrating with two people who fled their homes with nothing but each other rankled me.

Then the Senior Editor of Raw Story, Martin Cizmar decided to jump into this conversation. (Tweet link provided, screen grabs for posterity)

Oh yeah, Cizmar’s quick wit owned that girl who was standing up for her family’s property rights.  How dare they own a big house.  Somebody aught to take if from them.

Cizmar supports this because it wasn’t his house that was taken.  It wasn’t his family’s land that was collectivized.  It wasn’t his relatives that were threatened with execution.  It was someone else who clearly didn’t deserve it.

At this point I should point out that the average salary for a Raw Story editor is $92,000 and as a senior editor he’s be closer to the $131,000 peak.

I am reminded of this scene from Doctor Zhivago where the Communists have taken Zhivago’s family home and scolding him while they do it.

History of shown us the reality of what happens when property rights are destroyed.  Cuba, the Soviet Union, every time the end is dilapidation.  I remember reading first hand accounts from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the shock that the East Germans had that the buildings in West Germany didn’t still have bullet holes and damage left over from WWII.

Not just is it morally despicable to take and redistribute the property of people who have earned it, but property taken ends up destroyed.  It’s both immoral and impractical.

Then in a great leap of evil thought, Cizmar argues that Cuban communism is superior to the US because of the Senate.

Ah yes, the Senate.  The Senate was never intended to represent the people, it was intended to represent the state governments.  Still, even with the direct election of Senators, the Senate is still a bulwark for minority rights.

This Tweet hit close to home because I lived in South Dakota.  We had one Representative in Congress.  She was our Congresswoman at Large.

California has 53 Congressional seats.

To put it bluntly, when you live in a place like South Dakota, your Senators matter.  If you totaled the Congressional districts of just Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City/Long Island, you get more seats than the entire Mid West.  Without the Senate, LA, San Fran, and NYC could force whatever they wanted onto the Mid West.

This is exactly what Cizmar wants.  He admits it when he’s asked about amending the Constitution

“A bunch of randos in empty lands marked off in squares.”  That contempt for Middle Americans is so thick you could patch cracks in a driveway with it.

According to Cizmar, the reason our Republic “cannot, and should, not last in this format” is because New York and California do not have the power to simply crush the people of flyover country under their boot like he believes they should.

In Cizmar’s America, the wrong people have too many rights and that’s the problem.

He finishes his argument with one smart but totally chicken shit Tweet.

There is a quote, often mis-attributed to Benjamin Franklin that goes “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch.”

For him, a “more Democratic” goverment is a few big Blue urban centers carving up the resources of Middle America for themselves.

The smart but chicken shit sentiment is that he isn’t going to be personally involved.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  When it comes to these American socialists, I want them to experience real socialism.  By that I mean being dragged from their homes, shot in the head, and dumped in a ditch.

It is completely clear that is exactly what they want from us.

They can collect their six figure salaries for Lefty news sites, or millions of dollars in movie royalties, but they want you and I to have our homes seized and used to house the poor.  It won’t be the mansions in Beverly Hills or the luxury condos on Park Avenue that will be turned into Kommunalki, but the comfortable suburban homes of doctors, lawyers, engineers, small business owners, and the rest of the educated professional class.  That was the first class to be destroyed in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and now Venezuela.  They/we lack the political connections to protect our property from the bureaucrats and the numbers to protect ourselves from the angry mobs.

The imposition of socialism always ends up with some group shot and dumped in a mass grave.  Always.

If there is ever a serious attempt at imposing socialism in the US, we should put the Socialists in mass graves first.


13 Replies to “Raw Story senior editor is honest about socialism”

  1. I also note in passing that the party leadership doesn’t share their homes with six, or sixty poor people. Borrowing from Mel Brooks “It’s good to be King.”

    1. There is a scene in the movie Enemy at the Gates in which Vassili Zaitsev is taken to meet with party leaders in Stalingrad during the bombing. He’s taken into a banquet hall filled with the finest food. The generals and Politburo members were eating caviar while millions of Soviet Citizens starved.

      They were doing the exact same thing they complained the Czar did. It’s never about the leadership eating delicacies while the masses starved. It’s about not being one the leaders yourself.

  2. Progtards like this Cizmar is why I keep suggesting that people who are so enamored with “socialist utopias” like Cuba, Venezuela, NK, etc. , should be tasked with moving and living in one of those for a minimum of 2 years. Leave their passports behind, no contact with friends or family who do not live in the same country.

    See how like it after that time is over, assuming they survive.

  3. I get puzzled looks when I tell people that I am an original exile from Cuba. My dad had a very simple choice, he stayed and got shot or left. That can’t believe that really happened.

    1. I had a young Marine who escaped Cuba by boat. The boat sank and some of the people got eaten by sharks, that’s how desperate they were to leave Cuba. I truly have no respect for the people who brush off the stories of people who’ve experienced socialism/communism, or the real Nazis. Those ideologies are all about absurd central gov’t power and imposing one’s ideas on others. This country was founded on freedom, something that truly scares too many people on the left.

  4. Well, should the USA go full socialist, this progtard thinks they will be one of the nomenklatura, living the high life.
    Chances are they’ll be one of the first into the camps, all the while moaning “If only Comrade Bernie knew!”

  5. Even the example of taking a house from a rich family and giving it to six poor families is horrific if you think about it, even in the context of a prosperous society. What if the other 5 families are loud slobs, and expect you to keep the place clean and tidy? Or one is really into loud parties late into the night, and you have to work? What if one of the other residents is a serious creeper who finds your young daughter attractive?
    Then there’s the question of how large is the house. Six families in a 5 bedroom/4 bathroom house isn’t exactly a good fit.

    In the end, it’s not the Americans who are riding homemade rafts to Cuba.

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