It seems like the gun haters just got to hate. The more they hate guns, the more the restrict people’s ability to defend themselves. The more people are made helpless the more criminals. The more criminals you have the more prisons and jails fill up causing “humanitarian crisis”

California is a a perfect storm of no ability to defend yourself plus a huge supply of criminals.

Add to that the homeless situation, often with mental illness thrown in (Thank you Ted Kennedy) and you end up with stories like the following.

A Deputy Probation Officer was beaten to death by a homeless man that broke into her home.

In my home if something were to shatter a sliding glass door our response would include having a firearm in hand. Heck, the scrabbles of a racoon on our porch got a 30-30 Winchester ’94 deployed.

This Law Enforcement Officer did not respond with a firearm in hand. Given the situation in California she might not have been allowed to have one. If she did have one the law calls for the gun to be “safely stored” and I believe it calls for the ammunition to be “safely stored” elsewhere.

I’m sure some of the firearms in my house are unloaded, don’t bet on it though.

So a homeless man was able to shatter her sliding glass door and then beat her to death.

He was in the process of raping her when he killed her. So he just finished with her body.

This asshole goes by “Sandro Bladimir Martinez-Marroquin” so I don’t think he is one of those nasty white extremist we keep hearing about. Those most violent of people, cis-white-males. Nope, he’s from one of the protect classes.

And the kicker? When arrested he had a shotgun.

Bets on him being an illegal alien that has been deported multiple times and has a long record?

Hero Down: Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officer II Paula Lind Murdered During Home Invasion

H/T to pistoleer Z

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